Monday, April 11, 2011

It's snowing here...

Hello family, friends, and acquaintances, Today it is snowing quite a bit in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Probably going to have to buy more ski socks... haha. Anyways, not much is happening. We have one investigator that is progressing pretty well. Her name is Monica. She went to church for the 3rd time yesterday. The only thing is that she came to Rio Grande 3 weeks ago to start dating an active single member and so she kind of feels pressured to get married and baptized. Haha. All of our other investigators are slower... it's been pretty tough, I don't know what the difference is between how I was working in Buenos Aires and how I am working here, because their must be a difference. Anyways, hopefully we start seeing the fruits of our labors soon. This past week we had zone conference in Ushuaia with their zone too. It went really well and the picture with the mountains is in Ushuaia, the other is the 2 zones together and the last one is our front yard through the window here in Austral this morning with the snow. Anyways, I've been pretty frustrated lately, but I just gotta keep working and eventually we'll see the results. Elder Mateos is doing really well. He is a really good missionary, but he is one of the hardest people I've ever known to get up in the morning... if anyone has any ideas let me know. Haha. That's pretty much it for me here... Nana and Forrest! You'll have to share your experiences with me next week! Congratulations Forrest! I'm so happy for the decision you have made. Also, happy birthday josh (again). Well. Love you all. How's your reading in the scriptures going? Hit me up with some questions next week. Love!

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