Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 4- Belgrano

Hola Todos! Another week has gone by here in Belgrano and we were able to eat McDonalds once in the past week. Yum. Unfortunately our baptismal date that we had for this week is not getting baptized... at least not this week. Nicolas came to church late yesterday and I talked to him after and he was telling me that he feels like the Catholic church is true... I told him that of course he would feel better as he gets closer to God through any church, but that doesn't mean that that specific church has all of the truth. He recommitted to keep reading the Book of Mormon and praying to receive the answer. I hope I helped him understand the importance of our message. He just doesn't understand... Other than that we have a couple future investigators (people that are kind of floating around due to various circumstances that we are hoping to talk to soon) and pretty much no other investigators. Yesterday we were able to schedule an appointment with a part member family where the mom and the 2 youngest children (who are 9 and 11 and were baptized a few months ago) are members. They have 2 young teens and the father who aren't members. The father recently returned because the mother kicked him out a few months ago, so we hope that they are more sensitive to the gospel now and to how the gospel can help them as a family. We have the appointment on Wednesday. Hopefully we can get something going there and help them with their situation. Other than that not much is happening. We did an activity the last week, but only one non member made it and he lives far away. It's tough working with the members here when they all say that they work in the offices of the church, go home, and the only other place they go is the church. Hopefully we can get them to realize that the people that surround them all the time are their brothers and sisters and get them to want to share the gospel with everyone. Anyways, other than that... not really anything else to say. I love you all. Write me next week! Haha. Chau.

Monday, May 23, 2011


So this week was a pretty interesting week... I don't have much time, but I'll try and fit in everything that happened. Exciting things that happened- We visited the Stake President on Monday night and helped him out because his wife is in another province trying to bring home their adopted child and she has been there for 3 months. I think he really appreciated our visit and his apartment is huuuuge!!! He owns a mate (a super popular drink) company. Other things... I did exchanges with the zone leaders for one day.. it went averagely well.... We visited Flia. Krodolfer who is an older couple from Switzerland. He was mission president in Tuscon Arizona and they speak 5/6 languages. They ended up taking us to McDonalds in their car and talking a little bit about the less actives and some ideas that we could do to find more investigators. It was epic. We also had lunch/dinner with Elder and Sister Foster (2nd quorum of the 70), Sunday lunch with Sister Arnold, and we visited the Aidukaitis family to ask for their help with an investigator who was a reference from them. So we basically covered all of our bases. Haha. Anyways, this week when we were talking with Brother Kradolfer we talked about a program that the area presidency has made that the bishop said we don't have anything to do with (when we really do) and what it is is that the relief society, the high priest group, and the Elders quorum are supposed to have 5 families each of less actives/part member families and they are supposed to do a lot of things with them and one step is to invite the families to receive the missionaries. Anyways, nobody would give us even the names of the families and so for that we went to hno. kradolfer because he is the high priest group leader so we wanted to see how we could help him with his assigned families. Anyways, later he talked to us about how maybe we could do a Book of Mormon stand or something in a park. Anyways, a couple days later (Saturday night) I got a call from the zone leaders and they said President Gulbrandsen was worried about us because President Arnold called him saying that his missionaries didn't know about the program and that they were inventing new programs with parks and stuff... haha. So anyways, Pres. Gulbrandsen called me yesterday and he made me explain him the whole program and everything and he was just really confused. Haha. I guess there was a slight confusion in what we talked about with bro. Kradolfer, but President just said, well that just shows you how everyone has their eye on you! Hahaha. Pretty interesting. Anyways, we are still working really hard with our investigators (even though there are very few....) and trying to find new ones! Love you all! Thanks for your support!

Monday, May 16, 2011

1st General email of year 2

So last week I completed a year in the mission! Pretty crazy eh? Yup, I bought ice cream to celebrate. So this past week I realized I left a ton of my stuff in the south... but Elder Aguirre finishes the mission this transfer and he says he is going to bring up all the stuff I left down there. But the worst is that I left my hair buzz/clipper. Narf. Haircuts are way expensive and I don't know if anyone else has a dealy. We'll see. My hair is getting longish. This past week we had a breakthrough here! So during last week we went and visited the Aidukaitis family (my companion had never just passed by before and didn't really want to do it... haha) and we asked for a referral that Sister Aidukaitis had given the missionaries before that they had lost. She gave it to us and recommended we involve someone else in her conversion (because Sister and Elder Aidkaities don't always go to our ward). So we called her niece on Saturday night and had her call the referral and the lady (Marta) came on Sunday! So she went to church and already has a few attendances and is excited to keep coming and we are going to try to schedule a family home evening with the Aidukaitis family or with their niece and her family. Other breakthrough- Then, in the last hour of the meetings on Sunday a younger man walked in and sat down. My companion told me that he had gone a couple times before and so after the meeting I went up and started talking to him. His name is Nicolaus. Then one of our ward missionaries walked into the room and was really surprised to see him. Apparently they are friends since they were 14. He agreed to a discussion right then. So we started off the lesson really well getting to know him a little and also the 2 ward missionaries bore their testimonies and also a recent convert about how the gospel had helped them. We were able to transition smoothly into the lesson and he went from saying ''I'm Catholic'' to (at the end of the lesson) accepting the baptismal invite saying, ''I have to do it.'' He accepted a baptismal date for the 4th of June. The Spirit was really strong during the whole lesson and when we knelt down and prayed at the end of the lesson he prayed very sincerely and asked if what we were sharing with him was true. The Spirit was really strong and when he finished the prayer he turned and hugged me, as if giving thanks. It was a really special lesson and I hope he keeps progressing towards his baptismal date the 4th. Awesome. We also were able to have a few successful interactions with former investigators and contacts so we should have an even better week this week. We are also working with our ward mission leader to be able to start involving the young single adults a little better and to do some activities through the which we will be able to find new investigators. The future is bright! Just gotta keep our heads up. Love you all. Holler at cher boy Elder Trayner next week!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Hola, Well this past week was pretty crazy. I don't really want to retell the whole story cuz I already told the fam on Saturday (when I called for the Mother's day call), but I'll do it quickly. So on Wednesday night I was finishing planning with Elder Mateos, just doin what we do when we got a call from a blocked number. So E Mateos answered and it was President Gulbrandsen! So he asked to talk to me so I picked up and this was a rough outline of how the conversation went- Elder Trayner, we have a situation up here and we're going to need you to come up to be a District Leader in Belgrano. ....oh.... I know that you have a few baptisms planned in the following weeks, but sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways and we need you up here. oh.. ok... Well we're gonna try to get you on a plane tomorrow up here and your companion is going to be Elder Lemo. Oh.. ok... sounds good. Oh, and just so you know, it is the area where all the general authorities live and they are attentive to your work so... So no pressure or anything right?? Haha, yeah, no pressure or anything.... but I just want you to know that I have a lot of confidence in you. Oh... ok sounds good Well do you have any questions (and he started going off talking about how the Elders of the group after me were doing and I told him I was from the group before with E Hunt, Allen and Smith....) So I spent a lot of the night packing and in the morning hopped in a comvee to Ushuaia, hopped on a plane, and arrived to my area at about 9 at night. Pretty crazy. Anyways, Nate asked me some pretty good questions about the area and stuff so I'll let that conversation explain pretty much everything--- Responses to Nate's questions: So tell us about your new area and your new companion. The area is dead here and has been for awhile. My companion started here 2 transfers ago but his trainer was transferred or something and then a companion came that had back problems and didn't do anything (he's in the offices now) and then my comp was in another area for a long time, then another companion came but he was receiving weird letters from a girl convert and so President switched me and him. Haha. We have one kind of investigator at this point and my companion doesn't really know the members. The University of Belgrano is located inside of our area so there are at least 25 young single adults. We are going to try to make the best use of them in the near future. We also have 3 general authorities (President Arnold, Elder Aidukaitis, and Elder Foster) and their families and an area 70 named Elder Alliaud and his family (I think he has family.. not sure about that one...) Yesterday we had an attendance of about 115-120, but they tell me the normal is about 70-80. It was an incredible change from my branch with the inactive branch president. Haha. We have 2 ward missionaries (girl students because not too long ago there were sisters in this area), and they recently called a ward mission leader who looks to be most excellent. I haven't seen a ward that works so well like this one in all my time here in Argentina. The church actually works how it should! Haha. We also have one returned mission president with his family and I think 2 sets of elderly missionaries that work in the area offices (which are located just outside the area). Any investigators? Like I said, one'ish. It sounded like you are in a powerhouse ward with general authorities- that must be crazy. Do they invite you over? Sometimes we have dinner with them, and if we haven't taught or found new investigators or haven't received referrals in the day I hear it gets ugly. Haha. Especially with Elder Aidukaitis. Are you the only companionship in the ward or are the other missionaries in your district also in that ward? Just us. Those were the questions Nate asked me.... pretty much explain everything by the looks of it. The weather is a lot nicer here... and it is probably one of the richest areas in the mission... being District leader is pretty cool.. The District meeting on Friday (of course the morning after I arrive... haha) went really well and we have some good Elders and Hermanas (sisters). Now we just need to get progressing because there is a lot of room for improvement, but surely we are headed up! Welp. love you all. Let me know if you have any other questions or anything. Until next week!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tengo hambre

To whom it may concern...? Another week goes by here in the cold. Looks like I'll be here for another 6 weeks. Hopefully we can get things rolling here, cuz I've been pretty frustrated these last 12 weeks. Haha.... On Sunday only one person who has a baptismal date went to church, Monica. Miguel Ahumada was sick and we don't know what is going on with the Ochoa family because we haven't been able to make contact except once in the past week and our member that is helping us, Marcelo, hasn't been able to get in contact with them either. Lame... But we are looking forward to a great transfer now that the other one has gone by. Hmmm... What else... Oh. We went to a funeral of 2 pioneer (for the island) members who were killed last week from another branch. It was really sad, but Elder and Hna. Downs (the couple that came here) tell us that they have been able to get in contact with a lot of less actives of Chacra and El Centro (the other 2 branches) due to the funeral and all the people that went to the viewing and funeral. Oh!!!! Hahahahha!!! I just remembered the epic moment of the week!!! Yes!!! Hahaha. This past week... like... Friday or something... we were with the Ahumada family teaching them and then afterwards we had another appointment far away and we were running late so Miguel offered to drive us in his super ghetto car. So we hopped in and we headed off and he was telling us how he always just drives normal even if the terrain isn't ideal (because the dirt roads here have weird tiny pot hole thingies everywhere) when we went down a road and there was a big body of water.... he accelerated and we entered into the water made it about half way and then we stopped and the motor cut out. So he tries to start it up and it wouldn't start up.... haha.... then my foot started getting cold and my companion reached down to the floor and said, Ah! There's a bunch of water!!! Hahahhaa. Oh no.... So they took off their shoes and socks and rolled up their pants and I just walked out with my boots and the water was suuuper cold and we started pushing the car out. Hahahahaha. We finally got it out and it was really cold after. Then a member came and towed the car with a little rope back to Miguel's house and luckily the next day the car worked so he could go to work. Anyways, that's all I've got this week. Hope you enjoyed. haha. Love you guys. Thanks for everything. Happy mothers day!