Monday, May 9, 2011


Hola, Well this past week was pretty crazy. I don't really want to retell the whole story cuz I already told the fam on Saturday (when I called for the Mother's day call), but I'll do it quickly. So on Wednesday night I was finishing planning with Elder Mateos, just doin what we do when we got a call from a blocked number. So E Mateos answered and it was President Gulbrandsen! So he asked to talk to me so I picked up and this was a rough outline of how the conversation went- Elder Trayner, we have a situation up here and we're going to need you to come up to be a District Leader in Belgrano. ....oh.... I know that you have a few baptisms planned in the following weeks, but sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways and we need you up here. oh.. ok... Well we're gonna try to get you on a plane tomorrow up here and your companion is going to be Elder Lemo. Oh.. ok... sounds good. Oh, and just so you know, it is the area where all the general authorities live and they are attentive to your work so... So no pressure or anything right?? Haha, yeah, no pressure or anything.... but I just want you to know that I have a lot of confidence in you. Oh... ok sounds good Well do you have any questions (and he started going off talking about how the Elders of the group after me were doing and I told him I was from the group before with E Hunt, Allen and Smith....) So I spent a lot of the night packing and in the morning hopped in a comvee to Ushuaia, hopped on a plane, and arrived to my area at about 9 at night. Pretty crazy. Anyways, Nate asked me some pretty good questions about the area and stuff so I'll let that conversation explain pretty much everything--- Responses to Nate's questions: So tell us about your new area and your new companion. The area is dead here and has been for awhile. My companion started here 2 transfers ago but his trainer was transferred or something and then a companion came that had back problems and didn't do anything (he's in the offices now) and then my comp was in another area for a long time, then another companion came but he was receiving weird letters from a girl convert and so President switched me and him. Haha. We have one kind of investigator at this point and my companion doesn't really know the members. The University of Belgrano is located inside of our area so there are at least 25 young single adults. We are going to try to make the best use of them in the near future. We also have 3 general authorities (President Arnold, Elder Aidukaitis, and Elder Foster) and their families and an area 70 named Elder Alliaud and his family (I think he has family.. not sure about that one...) Yesterday we had an attendance of about 115-120, but they tell me the normal is about 70-80. It was an incredible change from my branch with the inactive branch president. Haha. We have 2 ward missionaries (girl students because not too long ago there were sisters in this area), and they recently called a ward mission leader who looks to be most excellent. I haven't seen a ward that works so well like this one in all my time here in Argentina. The church actually works how it should! Haha. We also have one returned mission president with his family and I think 2 sets of elderly missionaries that work in the area offices (which are located just outside the area). Any investigators? Like I said, one'ish. It sounded like you are in a powerhouse ward with general authorities- that must be crazy. Do they invite you over? Sometimes we have dinner with them, and if we haven't taught or found new investigators or haven't received referrals in the day I hear it gets ugly. Haha. Especially with Elder Aidukaitis. Are you the only companionship in the ward or are the other missionaries in your district also in that ward? Just us. Those were the questions Nate asked me.... pretty much explain everything by the looks of it. The weather is a lot nicer here... and it is probably one of the richest areas in the mission... being District leader is pretty cool.. The District meeting on Friday (of course the morning after I arrive... haha) went really well and we have some good Elders and Hermanas (sisters). Now we just need to get progressing because there is a lot of room for improvement, but surely we are headed up! Welp. love you all. Let me know if you have any other questions or anything. Until next week!

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