Monday, May 23, 2011


So this week was a pretty interesting week... I don't have much time, but I'll try and fit in everything that happened. Exciting things that happened- We visited the Stake President on Monday night and helped him out because his wife is in another province trying to bring home their adopted child and she has been there for 3 months. I think he really appreciated our visit and his apartment is huuuuge!!! He owns a mate (a super popular drink) company. Other things... I did exchanges with the zone leaders for one day.. it went averagely well.... We visited Flia. Krodolfer who is an older couple from Switzerland. He was mission president in Tuscon Arizona and they speak 5/6 languages. They ended up taking us to McDonalds in their car and talking a little bit about the less actives and some ideas that we could do to find more investigators. It was epic. We also had lunch/dinner with Elder and Sister Foster (2nd quorum of the 70), Sunday lunch with Sister Arnold, and we visited the Aidukaitis family to ask for their help with an investigator who was a reference from them. So we basically covered all of our bases. Haha. Anyways, this week when we were talking with Brother Kradolfer we talked about a program that the area presidency has made that the bishop said we don't have anything to do with (when we really do) and what it is is that the relief society, the high priest group, and the Elders quorum are supposed to have 5 families each of less actives/part member families and they are supposed to do a lot of things with them and one step is to invite the families to receive the missionaries. Anyways, nobody would give us even the names of the families and so for that we went to hno. kradolfer because he is the high priest group leader so we wanted to see how we could help him with his assigned families. Anyways, later he talked to us about how maybe we could do a Book of Mormon stand or something in a park. Anyways, a couple days later (Saturday night) I got a call from the zone leaders and they said President Gulbrandsen was worried about us because President Arnold called him saying that his missionaries didn't know about the program and that they were inventing new programs with parks and stuff... haha. So anyways, Pres. Gulbrandsen called me yesterday and he made me explain him the whole program and everything and he was just really confused. Haha. I guess there was a slight confusion in what we talked about with bro. Kradolfer, but President just said, well that just shows you how everyone has their eye on you! Hahaha. Pretty interesting. Anyways, we are still working really hard with our investigators (even though there are very few....) and trying to find new ones! Love you all! Thanks for your support!

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