Monday, May 16, 2011

1st General email of year 2

So last week I completed a year in the mission! Pretty crazy eh? Yup, I bought ice cream to celebrate. So this past week I realized I left a ton of my stuff in the south... but Elder Aguirre finishes the mission this transfer and he says he is going to bring up all the stuff I left down there. But the worst is that I left my hair buzz/clipper. Narf. Haircuts are way expensive and I don't know if anyone else has a dealy. We'll see. My hair is getting longish. This past week we had a breakthrough here! So during last week we went and visited the Aidukaitis family (my companion had never just passed by before and didn't really want to do it... haha) and we asked for a referral that Sister Aidukaitis had given the missionaries before that they had lost. She gave it to us and recommended we involve someone else in her conversion (because Sister and Elder Aidkaities don't always go to our ward). So we called her niece on Saturday night and had her call the referral and the lady (Marta) came on Sunday! So she went to church and already has a few attendances and is excited to keep coming and we are going to try to schedule a family home evening with the Aidukaitis family or with their niece and her family. Other breakthrough- Then, in the last hour of the meetings on Sunday a younger man walked in and sat down. My companion told me that he had gone a couple times before and so after the meeting I went up and started talking to him. His name is Nicolaus. Then one of our ward missionaries walked into the room and was really surprised to see him. Apparently they are friends since they were 14. He agreed to a discussion right then. So we started off the lesson really well getting to know him a little and also the 2 ward missionaries bore their testimonies and also a recent convert about how the gospel had helped them. We were able to transition smoothly into the lesson and he went from saying ''I'm Catholic'' to (at the end of the lesson) accepting the baptismal invite saying, ''I have to do it.'' He accepted a baptismal date for the 4th of June. The Spirit was really strong during the whole lesson and when we knelt down and prayed at the end of the lesson he prayed very sincerely and asked if what we were sharing with him was true. The Spirit was really strong and when he finished the prayer he turned and hugged me, as if giving thanks. It was a really special lesson and I hope he keeps progressing towards his baptismal date the 4th. Awesome. We also were able to have a few successful interactions with former investigators and contacts so we should have an even better week this week. We are also working with our ward mission leader to be able to start involving the young single adults a little better and to do some activities through the which we will be able to find new investigators. The future is bright! Just gotta keep our heads up. Love you all. Holler at cher boy Elder Trayner next week!

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