Monday, December 6, 2010

Yet another update from Constitucion

Hola mis queridos amigos y hermanos y etc...

This week was a week that almost didn't turn out very well. Haha. We were really struggling until Saturday when we had an above average day and then yesterday (Sunday) we had an excellent day, although we had an average amount of investigators in church. Key events... we found a man named Ruben on Saturday and he came to church yesterday and said he had read and the only let down was that he hadn't prayed. He really enjoyed church and the best part is that he has a normal schedule. Haha. He is a really good guy and in the first lesson he even agreed to postpone his trip to Cordoba to be with his family a few days to be baptized, as long as he receives an answer before hand of course. Also Wendy and her mom Nelly came to church again, we are still trying to work with them so they can be baptized the end of the month too. Then... On Sunday we returned to a family that we visited last transfer one time because the daughter was going to another ward with her cousin, but they weren't ready to progress so we left them. The cousin ended up getting baptized a week ago and we heard the girl in our area went, so we went to visit them again. Turns out the twin sister starting going to church a few weeks ago at the other ward and likes it and that the mom went to her niece's baptism and loved it. So they were all really good and agreed to come to our church, but they said they are leaving this next weekend (of course...). The dad and the brother (21) are still a bit rough, but I know if they just do the things we tell them to do that they will be able to feel the same as the women in the family. Then we also visited Familia Cordova (remember? My first baptism??) and spoke with all the family. It was really good because the bishop and his wife were just leaving when we
arrived. The dad was a lot more acceptive this time and the mother got emotional and started crying talking about how her son recently left to Bolivia and how her husband has never participated, and it really helped him to see the importance of having the family united in
the church. He agreed to search out a solution with his store to be able to come to church, or at least rotate with his wife every other week (although we told him that kind of defeated the purpose...), but at least he is a lot more open now. The girls (the 4 that we baptized
and one older) are all doing really well and the older girl is an excellent influence and example in the family. We are excited to help them. We left him with the homework of reading a chapter in the BoM and praying. In other news, the dad of familia Povea (remember? We baptized little Raul and Nicole??) is progressing now and he is going to baptize his mom who lives in another ward next week!!! He is really excited and I think it will really help his wife (Milagros) to
open up and finally accept the invitation to be baptized. We'll see.

Hmmm... What else.... today we are going to play basketball with a bunch of ballers, the young men of the ward. Haha. First time I've played sports since the MTC, finally!!! We never do anything on p day. Haha. Anyways, should be fun.... welp... not much else to say... Haha. I love you all! Hope you're doing well and gettin all decked out for Christmas, the people here don't do much it looks like... at least so far. Love!

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