Monday, October 22, 2012


Yo, So this past week due to the fact that we had the visit of Elder Oaks we had an early transfer and thus I'm writing today rather than tomorrow. I found out Wednesday night that I was getting transferred and then on Thursday I went to a meeting and met me new comp (see photo), Elder Stacey and found out we were heading to..... Illapel! Haha... it's a tiny little town about 4 hours north of ViƱa. Anyways, because of the meeting and traveling issues, I stayed in Vina until after the meeting with Elder Oaks on Saturday. The meeting with Elder Oaks was great. We started off by all shaking his and his wife's hands, and also President and Sister Arnold (Area President). It was a great experience. After that we got to hear from President and Sister Kahnlein and they talked about serving with all of your heart, might, mind, and strength. Then President and Sister Arnold spoke and they talked about teaching the basics of the Gospel and also about dedicating 100% of ourselves to the work. We finished off hearing from Elder and Sister Oaks who talked about revelation and he allowed us to share our experiences with revelation and then he expounded on the gospel truths we shared. It was a great meeting and I left feeling inspired to be more dedicated and to work even harder to bring to pass the salvation of God's children here in Illapel. I also learned a lot about revelation. I think a lot of the past few months the Lord has been teaching me about revelation. We arrived here late Saturday night and moved into our "new" apartment... there were old people there still taking their stuff out... it's pretty much a mess... haha.... so hopefully they get all their junk out soon so we can clean it up a bit. They said they would remodel the bathroom today... let's hope that gets done... haha. Then Sunday morning we managed to find our way to church and we arrived in the branch with our zone leaders. One is the 2nd counselor of the branch and the other the secretary. In the end between us missionaries we blessed and passed the sacrament, gave the talks (I talked about the why of missionary work). and directed the meeting as the branch president was sick and the 1st counselor is inactive. haha. There was an attendance of 27 counting small children and 4 missionaries. hahaha, we are excited to get to work and get the attendance up. There are a lot of less actives and the zone leaders have been working with the members at all and they don't have a good relationship with them... it should be fun! I'm excited. I love small branches. Anyways, time to go! Love you all! Thanks for your love, support, and testimonies. Share it with someone this week!

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