Monday, October 29, 2012

Illapel no pics

Welp, After a full week here in Illapel I have a lot of stories to tell! Haha... This morning at about 5 am I heard my comp elder stacey get up and then I was sleepy so I don´t remember much but then all of a sudden he was like groaning and after like a minute he shouted "Elder Trayner, help!" So I got up and he was laying on the tile floor in the main room and I couldn't really see much else so I turned the lights on and he was laying next to a pool of blood! He told me he had fainted and I was just like... what?? haha... I didn't really know what was going on, so I got him a pillow and his blankets cuz it was really cold and cleaned up all the blood. He then tried to get up when all of a sudden his face went like blank and he just laid down again and was unresponsive. It was crazy! But after like 10 seconds he was responding again, but it was pretty scary. He said that he had fainted again. So he asked for a blessing and I gave him one and then I called the zone leaders to get the mission nurse's number. They didn't have it, but I looked it up in my folder they gave me when I arrived. I told her about it and she told me to give him some sugar water and get him back in bed. So I did and he took his time and then had to go the bathroom so he asked me to give him a bottle... hahahaha. so he did his business in the bottle and then I had to throw it in the toilet. Yuck. hahaha. Then he finished the sugar water and I carried him back in to his bed. It was all kind of gay.. but whatever, that's how missionary work is sometimes hahahaha. He is doing fine now, but he's got a pretty nice battle wound on the bridge of his nose and a few marks on his forehead. Hahahaha, I hope you all enjoyed that story. Hopefully you can get the photos attached. Other than that, we started out opening this area with 0 investigators, but we taught 11 new people this week, so that was good. The coolest people would have to be Victor, who is an English professor and is Adventist. He was really interested and we actually taught him the first time we met in English. Haha, he is super cool. After explaining the restoration he asked how Peter James and John could have ordained Joseph Smith if they were dead. Or basically his question was where it comes out in the bible that they had already resurrected. So we left him Alma 40 and we'll be talking about how the first resurrection already started right after Christ resurrected. Should be good fun. Haha We're also teaching a young couple named Lillian and Fabian that we met knocking. She expressed her desire to keep the tradition of baptizing babies in her family because they have a little wawita (baby in chilean), and so we talked about baptism and infant baptism and left Moroni 8 for her to read. When we went back a couple days later she told us she had really liked and understood it. Everything is going well and we'll be talking about the restoration soon. We also helped a couple of less actives to come to church that hadn't been in a looong time. It was exciting to see. There really isn't anything better than helping someone and seeing them start receiving the blessings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Other than that, everyone is excited for Halloween here. I can't believe it, but they actually celebrate it like us back in the states. Chile is very much more americanized than Argentina. Anyways, not much else to say or tell. Love you all! The first photo is a barbecue (asado) we went to with some members of the branch. Second is of Elder Stacey this morning.

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