Monday, November 5, 2012

No hay chiles en Chile

Dear all loved ones everywhere, First off check this out- This week went pretty well here in Illapel. I particularly enjoyed our long walks (about 30 min) to our area amongst the hilly Chilean countryside. The cows even sounded to greet us more cheerfully this past week. hahaha, ok ok ok, but really it was a pretty good week. Our investigators struggled to go to church, but we did manage to help a less active family attend. They're great and I'm learning some sign language because one of the sons is deaf (he's about 20). Hopefully they'll be able to keep showing an example so that their husbands get involved with the church (they won't meet with us currently). On Halloween (which is kind of new here, but is celebrated and the kids go knocking doors), we went to a bonfire and the members shared scary stories, it was pretty fun. Today in the morning we also traveled to Salamanca, about 45 min away, where the rest of our District is at and we made tacos and played basketball and soccer for a bit. It was epic. I'll try and attach some photos, but some of you have been having issues receiving them according to the rejection emails I get back from your email providers. Other than that, I'm running out of time. I love you all mucho! Questions brought to you by Rach: How is Chile? It is good. I'm in a part really far away from everything right now, and it is getting hotter each day. haha, at least our hills aren't as big as some in the mission. Do you like it better or worse than Argentina? Haha, umm, I dunno, they're 2 really different places, but alike in many other ways. I like and dislike things about both I suppose. What the heck happened with your companion? He fainted and fell, we think it is cuz we ate a lot of meat and his blood sugar went down because he is a little hyper glycemic? yeah... Is he healthy now? Haha so weird. He is just chipper, with a nice scabby. Anywho, love you all! Have a great week, you're always in my prayers :)

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