Monday, November 12, 2012

Otra semana

All, Not too much to say today! Haha. Just a forewarning, mostly for Josh. This week was pretty rough as far as investigators and visible results go. We taught and then invited 15 people to go to church and 13 just straight up told us no... haha. I guess we'll have to keep looking for people that are willing to act and not just listen. Other than that.... oh! I just remembered, the worst part about Chile- PULGAS! Or in other words, fleas! grrr... they make me so mad. They're everywhere and recently they've been loving getting in my bed with me at night and so my sheets are acquiring some blood spots because they like chewing on my feet. The bites are pretty itchy all the time, but oh well, I think I'm getting used to it. Haha. Oooh, I just remembered a story! haha. This past week we went up this hill to these houses that the people just kind of built on some land and we talked to some people and then a dog came up from behind us so we started walking down the other way and basically there were houses on the right and a really steep hill with bushes on the left. So as we were walking forward all of a sudden like 6 dogs came in front of us! ahh... haha... So my comp decided to charge forward with his book of Mormon in hand and fended them off and then he saw a little path down the steep hill so he jumped down with me hot on his heels fending of the dog behind us with my book. I just jumped off the little ledge and kept waving my book at the dogs for a second and then ran down... luckily they were afraid of the steep hill and didn't follow us. hahaha, it was pretty funny. Other than that, not much stories and our investigators are struggling. Hopefully we can get the young couple Lillian and Fabian to church this week... Lillian is just struggling cuz she likes staying out late on Saturday nights with her friends or something. Anyways, love ya'll. Keep me in your prayers! Have a good week and try and brighten up someone's day this week :) Love!

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