Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 6 of a Six Week Transfer

Dear all, I write you this week a tad bit sore! haha. We played some soccer today. Hopefully you'll be able to receive some pictures that I'll try to attach. It was pretty sweet and I scored a pretty nasty goal. haha. I had to buy new tennis shoes though cuz I might have gifted my other ones away to a less active joven (young man). Other than that, this week was pretty average. This week will be the last week of the transfer so you will all find out if I'm leaving next week when I'm already there... I think. haha, I'm not really sure how this mission works yet, everything is pretty weird. We were able to find a bunch of new investigators and a lot of them accepted the baptismal invitation and even accepted a specific date to be baptized, but unfortunately our investigators struggled against the monster that is the sheets on Sunday morning and unfortunately we didn't have anyone attend church with us as far as investigators go. We have however, been able to help quite a few less actives attend church. I think the less actives are what are keeping me sane, because we've really struggled with getting people to attend church with us. The best was that our ward mission leader (who is actually a less active due to his work schedule) took us to a less active who wasn't on the ward list and we actually ended up finding out that he was married and has a young girl. We talked with his wife and she told us about how she was baptized in another part of chile where they had moved, but that she had just come up this past week to visit her husband, John Paul. We ended up inviting her to tell John Paul about basketball the next day that we play with investigators on Saturday morning and they both ended up coming and they came on Sunday. I guess they don't have any set plans, but they're seeing if they'll move back down south or what, because John Paul came back up here after a while because he never found work in the south. We are hoping that they will stay and that we'll be able to share with the man that they are living with who is a "wizard." haha. We met him and he was pretty cool and said he was excited to talk about baptism with us. Should be fun if we can teach him this week. Anyways, enjoy the pics. One is a flower that was at a house that looked super trippy, the other is a spider in our apartment... grr!! and the last of the zone of Illapel at our church after playing soccer. Love you all! thanks for your support! Have a good week and please go to church :) haha.

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