Monday, December 3, 2012

A New Transfer

All, Well, transfers came and went and... I wasn't transferred! But Elder Stacey was transferred. I am now with Elder Sheffield from Ogden, UT. He seems to be a pretty cool guy and a great dedicated missionary. I'll be his second companion and this is his 4th transfer in Chile. Should be a bit of a change from being companions with Elder Stacey. I'm pretty excited. The Zone Leaders here in Illapel were also transferred and so 2 new zone leaders came to white wash the area. They have a lot of excitement. One is from El Salvador and one from Chile. I don't know if I mentioned it or not but a senior couple also arrived this week! Quite a few changes are happening here in Illapel and I believe that we are about to see a lot of results from the changes and our efforts. It was great to hear the members bear their testimonies on Sunday saying that they feel their prayers are being answered as the Lord makes these changes. Should be a great time to be here in Illapel. We also were able to help 3 young people attend church from the Saldivar family! The 2 younger ones seemed to really enjoy it. The mom still doesn't see the need to attend a church as she says she is fine praying in her home. Hopefully she will humble herself soon to be able to accept the true doctrines of Christ, the Sabbath day, and the Sacrament. Any ideas let me know :) Other than I'm getting excited for the phone call home, weird to think that the next call I make will be the week of me going home! haha, weird... We'll be able to do it by skype, hopefully I'll get more details soon. I'll for sure let you all know. Sorry about the pictures last time, the email thing told me last minute it was too big. Sorry, blame google. haha. Love you all! I know the Lord puts us in places where we can help others if we search for the opportunities and are prepared to follow his Spirit. Pray for some opportunities to serve others this week and pay attention so the opportunities don't pass you by! Love you all and appreciate all your support. First pic is of Elder Stacey and I being sad that he is leaving at the bus terminal Second is of Elder Sheffield and I Love!

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