Monday, January 14, 2013


A Todos, Hello everyone, this past week was pretty crazy! On Saturday I was advised by my zone leaders that I would be transfered, but how it works here they don't tell you where or who or anything. So I was like.. ahh man... I have to leave my convert Marcelo and everything we've accomplished here... but then... that same night we received a call from Presidente Kahnlein and he asked me if I was willing to accept the assigment of being a zone leader and I said yeah and he said, well you won't be going far, you'll be with Elder Pereira (one of my zone leaders). hahaha, I just said, are you serious??? and he said he was, and I just said I was really excited to stay here. It was great. So anyways now I am working in the downtown area of Illapel! On Sunday our little friend Maigdel passed her baptismal interview and so she will be baptized this Saturday, her dad was interviewed and Presidente Cortes said that he is prepared to do the ordinances as well, so we are really excited for the family and the progress of the branch here. We had a rough situation happen last week where some members got involved in the personal lives of other members and it looks like some were offended and Presidente Cortes asked to be released but the counselor of the mission came on sunday and interviewed him telling him he would have to man up. haha. So anyways, there is plenty of work to do and the district president hasn't helped at all... looks like the mission will intervene in his absence. Hopefully everything turns out and the members can learn a lesson about charity and loving your neighbor. Other than that I don't have much else to say, we are pretty much remodeling our apartment and so far it has improved a lot. Here are some pics of the farewell and of my new comp Elder Pereira who is from the south of Chile in a place called Constitucion (which also happens to be the name of my first area in Buenos Aires). Should be a good transfer. Love you all! Don't get trunky and endure to the end! hahaha

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