Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 6 of the transfer

Aloooo, Well hello everyone. This week was a decent one. It went by super fast and I felt like there just wasn't enough time for everything I wanted to do! I did a couple of exchanges with the other elders of the district, they're really struggling and they are seeing a lot of problems in their branch. I had the opportunity of attending their Priesthood Executive Commitee meeting where they set goals for this year and it was sad. It was just us 4 missionaries, the branch president and his counselor who was the branch president before. Their goal for the past year was 6 and they accomplished 8. Now the Lord has doubled the amount of missionaries and yet the branch president wanted to put the goal at 8 and complained about retention and saying that 2 baptisms really don't count because they came from 9 year olds. It was just a meeting lacking any type of faith or vision and there were no plans made. It was kind of frustrating and I tried to help them see, but the branch president had already made up his mind before the meeting, and really it was just a presentation of goals rather than a discussion to set them. They told me I didn't know the "reality"of Salamanca (the town). The missionaries there are pretty frustrated, I think we'll see a lot of changes there next week for transfers. Anyways, the good news of the week is that Marcelo was confirmed and was able to receive the priesthood. He is really excited and says he wants to serve a mission, especially in the United States. Haha. The problem is that he is behind in school and so he has at least another 2 years of school before graduating. Haha... poor guy. He's so awesome though! He went to an interview with president Cortes on Friday so that he could receive the priesthood sunday and then everything went well on Sunday and then he went to a family home evening with us with some other member families. It went really well and I think he is adapting well to the "mormon way of life." haha. We also had the opportunity to help out in the Aaronic Priesthood class this week. 2 weeks ago we did the first class that had been done in at least a year for young men and president cortes said he would like us to keep helping out. This week we had a great class about why Jesus Christ is important in our lives and we watched a great mormon message- I recommend it. Anyways, not much else to say. I love being a missionary! I got a really trunky email from the mission today asking about what airport I'll be flying to, I put either McAllen or Harlingen. Hopefully that's not a problem. So crazy! haha, weird that my mission might actually end. Anyways, transfers next week. I have mixed feelings. I hope I can stay for Marcelo and to keep helping the branch, but at the same time I feel like I might be transferred. haha transfers are so lame! Anyways, it would be great if mom or dad could get me an email address or something for my convert Nahuel Aponte, I want to write him and try to help him to come back out to the mission (he went home cuz his mom was diagnosed with cancer). Let me know if you can get anything from him on facebook or something. Maybe David Fernandez (my trainer) could help too. Anyways, I love you all! Have a good week and try and do some missionary work this week (other than the 'rents and nicole... haha). Love!

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