Monday, May 6, 2013


Hello Family and Friends, This is crazy! I have two weeks left in the mission! I almost can`t remember before I headed out to the mission. haha, I think my friends in Utah think I died or something. haha. Not much to say this week other than that I`m excited for the mother`s day call on Sunday and I`m doing my best to keep working until the last day of my mission! Unfortunately all of our investigators have stopped progressing, but this past week I was able to do an exchange in a place called Punitaqui which is pretty rural and we had a good lesson with a family they are teaching and then on Saturday I did the baptismal interviews for 2 young people from the family and they were baptized here on Sunday! It was a great experience and the rest of their family will follow in 2 weeks. The mission has been great. I can definitely say I could have taken a lot of other paths that would have been easier, but I know this is the one the Lord wanted me to take. It hasn`t all been what I wanted either, but I know it has been that way so that I could have the necessary experiences to help me to be the person I am today. I know that if we put the Lord first everything turns out and always a lot better than if we follow what we want. Love you all! Happy mother`s day on Sunday and I`ll be seeing you all soon!

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