Monday, April 29, 2013


All, Well, this week was another very difficult week. After everything I sent last week our family ended up backing out again from being baptized... :/ On Monday evening we received a call from the dad, Jorge, and he said they had some more doubts and they wanted to cancel the baptism. It was a big blow. We indicated we wanted to pass by, and so he said he would be away at work until Friday if we wanted to talk, but that ¨it wouldn`t change their decision.¨ Anyways, they weren`t very specific about their doubts and anyways we called the mom, Adriana, on Wednesday and asked if we could visit her and the kids and she agreed, but later called and said that Jorge had called and said he wanted to be there so we changed the appointment to the evening. That day we had interviews with President Kahnlein and then we went all four missionaries (us and the zone leaders who had done the interviews) and Jorge started putting in doubt just about everything we had ever taught them. I really think the issue is tithing is the problem, but that he is putting everything else up as a defense... he said he doesn`t believe in churches that ask for money and that he wasn`t really sure if the book of mormon really was true... etc. it was a mess. We all ended up testifying about the blessings of the gospel, of eternal families, etc. Everyone was crying except Jorge and he wouldn`t let anyone else talk very much... it was super lame. Anyways, we gave them the week to recover... and we got a call later in the week from Adriana saying she was confused and that the kids were really sad because they were really excited to be baptized. So we`re going to try and go over today and see what we can do. Bummerrrr..... Other than that our other investigator who had a baptismal date for the 11th moved out of her house last week out to the country that surrounds the city of ovalle. So we`ve lost contact with her as well.... Other than that we are seeing if we can find some new investigators and if we can help the mother of 2 recent convert kids to prepare for baptism. She said she would consider it, but that she would like to do it before we leave. haha. So we`ll see. Well, not too much else to say! I don`t know why ya`ll haven`t got my flight plans, but I get in to McAllen Wednesday the 22nd at 8 or 8 30 in a flight from Los Angeles. Ya`ll can look into it. haha. Also- what on earth! Kayla is getting married and Devin and Porter have mission calls??? hahahaha.... .so weird!!! I`ve always seen them as just the little snot nosed cousins! Crazy... I`m gettin pretty old. Lemme know if ya`ll want some kind of souvenir cuz time is gettin short! Love!

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