Monday, April 15, 2013


Dear everyone, I have been transferred! This week I arrived to a new zone called Ovalle! It is another smaller city, but it is a lot bigger than Illapel. When I arrived on Wednesday I was told that we had an amazing family that we were teaching and that on Tuesday the Zone leaders went with my comp and they agreed to be married on Saturday! So anyways I went over with my comp Wednesday night to meet the mother of the family and to make the plans for the wedding. We arrived at their house and it was like being at home in the US! haha. They have a really nice house. Then I met the mom, Adriana. She was super nice and told me about how the elders had obligated her to get married and so she was going to be married on Saturday. Then on Thursday we went over and I met the rest of the family and Friday we went to the Registro Civil (government building were they do paperwork) The family consists of- Parents- Jorge and Adriana Kids- Barbara (14), Daniel (12), Jorge (5), and Javiera (3). I believe those are the correct ages. Anyways, we taught them the law of tithing on Thursday and they were kind of unsure at first, but with some help they were able to accept the commitment to keep the law of tithing. They will be baptized on Sunday. They are such an amazing family. During these past 2 transfers all I have really been praying and fasting for is to be able to find and baptize a family before I finish. I know that this family is the answer to my prayers and the hard work that I've put in. I know the Lord heard my prayers and has put me here to answer them. The Lord has been so good to me. I know he loves us and answers our prayers when we express our hearfelt desires and do everything within our power to get what we ask for. What a miracle. Other than that we are looking for new investigators! My companion is named Elder Corona and he is from Mexico City! He is a great person. He is more reserved than any companion I've had before, but I think it is helping me to be more spiritual. It is kind of funny because he actually just got done ¨killing¨ his last companion as his companion finished his mission and went home. I also heard that my buddy Juan and the sister of my convert Natalia were baptized in Illapel! Love you guys! This is the Lord`s work! We can see miracles if we ask and work for them. The family with all of us missionaries, missing just Jorge in this picture, my companion is the 2nd missionary from left

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