Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Al empezar del segundo traslado


Haha. How are all of you? Sounds like everybody is doing well. Well, I am doing well here in Constitución! Looks like I´ll probably be here for a few more months because I didn´t get transferred this transfer that was yesterday (that´s why I´m writing today) and I´m going to kill my father (father = trainer, dying = ending the mission... I hope you understand...) So I´ll probably be here for this transfer and 2 more. But who knows, I guess only time can tell! haha. But anyways 4 transfers would be about 6 months and so I would spend more than 1/4 of my time out in the field in Constitución... Haha. Anyways, I´m actually kind of excited about this because the area is changing a lot. The whole barrio (ward) is more excited because we´re getting investigators to church and we baptized familia Cordova and everything. It is so much easier with the support of the members... If only we could get a Ward mission leader now.... That would help so much. Also. I can´t imagine how much easier it would be with a car. Dad- I hope your missionaries realize how blessed they are to have cars. Such a pain to make sure we always have monedas (change) and know the bus routes otherwise we have to walk a ton and our area is pretty big (so it takes forever...). Yup. Anyways. We are going to have a baptism next week and 2 young men are going to be baptized. One is Macario (a worker for flia. Cordova) and the other Nahuel (A young man that attended the Church in Peru for about a year). It is awesome. We had to delay the baptism of Macario one week because he couldn´t make it to church this past sunday, but we are excited for both of them and we are going to teach both of them tonight. Also another family is chaning a lot, but I think I already said a lot about them (familia Povea, Amarú, Milagros, etc.....). They have a very solid baptismal date in 3 weeks. We are busy preparing all of these people and finding new people for the end of this transfer. yesterday we received 18 references. We basically got references for a whole "hotel." One of the families has 14 children and the other families are also all pretty big so we´ll see how it goes and who is going to end up baptized. Also. This week I taught my first lesson in English. haha. We are teaching a woman from Ghana who doesn´t speak spanish very well and she understands english better. It is interesting because she doesn´t speak English very great either, but she had already read some of the BoM in Ghana and said she knows it is the word of God. Her husband is harder though and very busy so we haven´t really taught him. he says he is methodist through and through. We´ll see what happens. The testimony of the BoM is the key though and so we should be able to move forward from here.

It is crazy that I´ve already been here for 6 weeks (one transfer). Time goes by really fast here. My spanish is decent and I´m starting to understand the majority of other people. Anyways, my goal is to be able to understand everything and be able to teach everything well by the end of this transfer. I also need to know the area very well for when Elder Fernandez leaves. Anyways, not much else going on here. Next week should be much more exciting. Oh also, Matt Naylor might be upset. I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders in La Boca (Matt told me I have to cheer for River Plate- the rival team against La Boca Haha....). It was good to learn some things from them and one of them leaves tomorrow (Elder Blanco... stud.) Anyways, just so you know, anybody can write me emails I found out!!!! I just have to write back handwritten. Try not to email me too dumb of things though... Haha. Anyways. I love you all! Until next week!

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