Monday, August 9, 2010

Update that is up to date

Hello all. Tis I. Your beloved family member, or friend, or acquintance that you knew at some point. Haha. Just kidding. Anyways. I´m going to put my letter from last week first because I got a bajillion things saying that it was too big for a lot of your emails. Oh ps. I can get attachments.
Bueno. And now, my letter for this week. Haha.

This week was a decent week. I guess it was probably above average, or at least above below average. I hope you understand. This Saturday is the Baptism of Familia Cordoba!! Yay! Haha. As of what we know right now, I am going to baptize for the first time on saturday. :) There are 4 being baptized, but 3 count as convert baptisms because the mother is a member and one of the children turns 8 on Thursday. Just so you know. Haha. But yes, we are most excited about this. Also. Because they are all female and we have to have a male over 18 with us in all appointments, we went to their house about a week ago for an appointment, but the son (who is an inactive member, 21) was not there. We tried 4 or 5 members (the only ones that ever accompany us... haha), but none of them were home. So then the family realized that they could invite one of the workers in one of their 2 verdadurías (sell fruit and veggies). He ended up coming and is un capo. Or basically, he is the man. Anyways, the lesson went really well and he came to church yesterday and I think he will end up being baptized in a couple ish weeks. I was happy the Spirit indicated to the mother to invite him. Other investigators are all here and there except there was one other miracle this week! There is a family that we are teaching, the family of a man named Amarú. The missionaries have been in and out of their house for YEARS. Because he is an inactive member and his wife and 3 children are not members. Anyways, he hasn´t been the greatest example for his family and this is really what has prevented the family from progressing. Anyways, the father (Amarú) has made it to church for the past 3 weeks. And the biggest miracle of all, his wife came this Sunday!!!! Her first time ever. Anyways, we are seeing a great change going on in the family and they loved the church yesterday. It was awesome. We hope to be able to baptize the 2 children over 8 in the next few weeks and we will have to see what happens with the mother. It was really interesting because we stopped by once this week and she was cleaning and nobody else was home so we couldn´t go in so we were just having a small conversation, but then we asked her what truly was stopping her from attending church and she confessed that it was because her husband is a member and he hasn´t been living how he should and she knew that eternal families were a part of the gospel and she didn´t want that. It was really special and she was crying, but it is awesome to see how the whole family is changing and how she attended church this week. Huzzah!

Anyways. Good ole ConstituZION is doing well.... haha. Oh! Haha. I will now discuss the Bishop here a little bit. When I arrived Elder Fernandez told me that the Bishop wasn´t a big fan of the missionaries because the missionaries before him were slack jobs. Anyways, right now the Bishop is re contento (really pleased) with the work we are doing in the barrio (ward). As well, he asked last week if Elder Fernandez would speak the next week (yesterday) and Elder Fernandez asked why I couldn´t speak and the Bishop was surprised and said he didn´t know if I would be able because of my lack of Spanish. I responded and told him I could do it and he asked if I had understood the whole conversation and I said yes. He was surprised again and said that Elder Fernandez would speak the next week. Needless to say, we spoke in church yesterday. I didn´t think mine would be very long, but it ended up being 15 minutes long! Haha. I talked about preparing for a mission and I challenged all the youth (quite a bit in this barrio) to decide to serve now and to prepare by attending seminary and institute, reading the book of mormon and gaining a testimony, and by living worthy. The ward members were impressed and were all congratulating me after. Haha. I just hoped they would understand my Spanish... Haha. Anyways, we´ve only taught 2 people that haven´t understood me (because of my accent??), so I guess my Spanish isn´t too bad??? Haha. I dunno. I am understanding a lot right now. I think I said this last week, I don´t think in English first very much anymore so sometimes it is harder to remember what I am saying?? I dunno. It is weird. Haha. But I´m getting better and teaching more. Hm... What else... Elder Fernandez and I decided we´re like a married couple because we either hate each other or love each other. Which I guess is a good thing and a bad thing.... but at least we don´t always hate each other?? Haha. I dunno, it is interesting. He is a good missionary and he is about to die (in the mission sillies). I´m learning a lot from him and we´re doing some of the best work in our district even though historically constitucion isn´t too successful. So I´m content, but of course we can always improve.

Uhhh... Cultural facts of the week... The people drive like crazies and I´m pretty sure there aren´t any speed limits, only 2 people own a car in our ward, the spaghetti here is different because they have like a brownish sauce, people from paraguay and up there like rice a lot... Rice isn´t too bad, but always eat it with something... Don´t throw things around latinos.... what else.... Oh. I love all the spray paint pictures all over the city. Totally my style with weird monsters and stuff. My companion wants me to put that he almost speaks english?? Haha. Buses are super full and we always run out of coins.... police are afraid of some areas haha... uh.... the oranges are juicier here... they call popcorn popcorn... i dunno. Ask me some questions if you would like, I never can remember what I notice throughout the week. Haha.

Anyways, I just want to leave you all with a little testimony. I know that Jesus Christ suffered for all of us. Not just for our sins, but he felt every pain and everything that we feel. Because of this we are never alone and someone always understands how we feel. This knowledge has always brought me so much peace in my life and I know that he loves us, because he understands us perfectly. However, we can´t just let his sacrifice be in vain. We have to act and always remember what he has done for us and accept it in our lives. We do this by repentance, or changing our lives. The only way we can change is through Christ. Anyways. Time to go. :) I love you all a ton!!!! Share the Gospel with a friend this week! I love you. ¡Hasta el proximo Lunes!

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