Monday, August 30, 2010

This week in Constitución

Hola todos,
Another week goes by swiftly in Argentina. It is crazy how fast the weeks go by here. I feel like we go from P day to Weekly Planning to Church over and over again. Yup yup. Let's see... This week... We were going to have 2 baptisms this Friday, but one of our investigators didn´t make it to church so he will be baptized next week. But I actually kinda like it because we are going to have baptisms 3 weeks in a row and hopefully more if we can get our new investigators to church this week. Anyways, we are doing well here, the hardest thing is just the lack of members. It is so hard to find a member to accompany us. Anyways, we talked to the zone leaders at church about it and they talked to Pres. Gulbrandsen and he said that we might have 4 missionaries in Constitucion next transfer. That would be so nice. But we´ll see.
Anyways, our investigators are doing well. Macario (who was delayed from last week to this week) is very prepared. He is awesome. So humble and grateful for what he is learning. In our lesson the other day we were saying, oh congrats for preparing yourself for your baptism and stuff and he said, no, thank you guys for teaching me the path that the Lord wants me to follow. .....!!! It was incredible. Then our other investigator who now is going to be baptized next week (Nahuel), is really smart. It is so nice to teach someone that is smart, but not prideful. He is in law school right now, and so it is a bit tricky to meet with him. Also his dad is basically anti because he is really catholic. So we usually teach him in the homes of members and he is awesome. We asked him about what he read the other day and he told us how he read all the testimonies and the intro and everything and he recounted the story nearly perfectly and then told us about the different plates that made up the book of Mormon. Ridiculous. Haha. Anyways, they´re awesome. The family that is going to be baptized in 2 weeks from Saturday (Familia Povea) are progressing well. It is really hard to meet with them during the week (nigh impossible...) but they seem to be progressing on their own because they were up bright and early and arrived in the chapel early and they´re reading and praying. So we´ll see. The biggest aspiration we have for them is that the father (was inactive and had problems with a few things) will be ready and worthy to baptize them. We will see soon when we meet with them and during these coming weeks.
Sounds like everything is good at... home?? Haha. Wherever that is. But all of you people that once lived in a home with me seem to be doing well. It is crazy to hear all of your experiences, but I am sure that the Lord is watching over all of us and blessing us for what our family is doing. I love you all and I hope you are doing well. Somebody should post on my facebook or something that people can email me. Haha. Anyways, I love you all! Don´t forget your scripture reading today!!! Haha. Until next week!

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