Monday, September 20, 2010

El Bautismo de Nicole y Raúl Povea

Hola todos,

Soy yo, Elder Trayner. Esta semana tengo buenas noticias. Haha. This week I have good news. Not only was Nicole baptized this past week, but her little brother Raúl had a change of heart and told us he wanted to be baptized (he's 9). So we prepared them both and they were both baptized saturday. Then Sunday I was surprised when they announced that I was going to confirm Nicole (13 yrs old) and so I went up to the front and I was so nervous during it that my legs were shaking. Haha. But it went well and I only noticed one time when I messed up the Spanish. Haha. But the service and the meeting Sunday all went really well. Now we are just working with the mother (Milagros) to be baptized, but she keeps saying a couple more months (she said that 2 months ago...) and yeah. We'll see what happens. She is really the only prospect for this week which is really lame because we have baptisms that are certain the following 3 weeks. Oh well. Some people just need more time than other people. Also this week- Zone Conference on Tuesday which I loved, it was really good to see Pres. Gulbrandsen and to learn some new things. We talked a lot about asking inspired questions and listening. I liked it a lot. Also, I just looked and I don't think I sent a picture of the baptism of Nahuel... somebody update me if I did or not and if I didn't I'll send one next week. Haha. Also this week, we're still trying to resolve the doubt of Maria and her son Jose so they can be baptized the 3rd. She is a really special lady and we always feel the Spirit really strong in her home, and so it is hard for her to recognize that those feelings are an answer that our message is true and that the BoM is true. But we are confident she will recognize the answer this week. Also excited for Hugo and Mirian to get married the 5th and baptized and also this week we had another miracle. A friend (Sandy) of one of the daughters of Flia. Cordova decided that she wants to be baptized. We taught her once, but she wasn´t interested because she knew her parents wouldn´t give her permission, but as Yarine Cordova talked to her about what she was doing with the young single adults and her testimony Sandy started to read the BoM this past week and now she tells us she wants to be baptized asap and she came to church on Sunday. It is amazing to see how the Lord is preparing people for us. We are doing our best and it is weird that the investigators that we find from this week on are going to be baptized after Elder Fernandez leaves. But yeah, I´m a little bit nervous about all this change, but everything is going to come out just fine. I love you all and I hope you are doing well. I would also like to extend the challenge that we received from Pres. Gulbrandsen to anyone who reads this, to read the Book of Mormon by Christmas as a present to Christ that we realize the importance of the book. So.... Do it. Haha. I've really had my testimony of the Book of Mormon strengthened while I´ve been here. It really is the key to those that are strong in the church and those that fall away. Anyways I love you all and I hope you are doing well. Oh. Also. Mom, I received the package on Tuesday! Thank you so much! The batteries are 500 percent better than my chinese cheap ones. Haha. The peach rings were also delicious and made me think of Rach. Haha. Love you all! Have a great week!

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