Monday, September 27, 2010

The last full week of Elder Fernandez

It appears that my second transfer is ending. Haha. So here is what is going down- This weekend is general conference so all of us missionaries in the stake (Congreso) are going to have our baptisms together on Sunday night. We are going to have 3 baptisms. We have Maria and her 10 year old son Jose as well as a young woman (17 almost 18) named Sandy that are going to be baptized. Maria is an amazing woman and we finally settled her doubts about being baptized last week when I was in divisions with Elder Aguirre from La Boca. She told us how she was worried about being baptized because she has a prosthetic leg and how she would have to remove it and also her fear of falling backwards. So we reassured her and told her we could baptize her going forwards and have like 3 people in the font to help. She agreed and is very excited. Her son, Jose is also excited and he is a stud. Because Maria has diabetes, she is losing her vision and so her son has to read for her. He helps her with everything and is just a great kid. Sandy was an amazing blessing. I don't know how much I told about her but she is a friend of Flia. Cordova and she has accepted everything and even came to church alone yesterday with 2 young nephews. It is crazy how well prepared some people are, even before we meet them. My testimony has really been strengthened that there are a lot of people ready to accept the gospel and be baptized on any day. We have just been blessed a lot lately in finding them. Also on Tuesday, Oct. 5th we have the marriage and baptisms of Hugo and Mirian. I unfortunately will have to go pick up my new comp in the morning and so I will miss the wedding, but at least I will be there for their baptisms. Then that night is the farewell of all the missionaries that are leaving so I will have to head back to San Fernando (mission offices, about an hour and a half of travel....) again for the farewell of Elder Fernandez. Although it has been a roughish journey with him (especially last transfer...) I have learned a lot and I bet that I am going to realize all the things I have learned from him throughout the mission. I am excited but nervous about getting a new comp, but I know President is inspired in his decisions and so I am confident that everything will be fine. Anyways, nothing much else this week.... We are going to Puerto Madero today for the last P Day of Elder Fernandez and a nice Parilla (Rodizio ish). Puerto Madero is the nice part of Capital with the tallest buildings. Should be fun. Anyways, I love you all and I hope you are doing well. I am doing just fine and learning a lot here. Keep safe and keep it real!!! Haha. Until next week! Pay attention during Conference and keep notes! Love!

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