Monday, October 18, 2010

General update #....mucho

Hello all.

This week was... interesting. Our 2 baptisms both bailed. Satan really worked hard on them and they weren't strong enough I suppose. Jorge was told by the people where he lives that he would get kicked out if he was baptized and so he backed out and Susana lost her job and is kind of depressed now. Lame. However, next week we have a sure baptism. The father of Hugo named José. He is a good guy and he has accepted everything. We are preparing Hugo to baptize his father. it is awesome. This week we are hoping to get the mother of Raul and Nicole baptized on Saturday. We challenged her last week and she accepted, we'll have to see if she read what we left. Anyways, not too much else about investigators, we need lots of new investigators really bad....

Also this past week- we had a multi zone conference with Elder Arnold of the 70. He is the Area President in the South America South Area. It was amazing and I loved all the changes he presented to the mission and the new focuses on things that we already knew but maybe weren't doing before. Awesome. He was a really powerful speaker and he added more to his conference talk and it was incredible.

This week I also was able to get to know my comp a little better and his style and tendencies. I have decided it is a little bit of a challenge to get him to work as hard with my as I worked with Elder Fernandez. It is hard for me to take the first step in doing some things just because I don't speak as well but I've really taken the initiative since Elder F. left. I just need to be an example in more things, but it is hard when there are so many things to remember. Haha. Oh well. Hopefully we'll be able to work a lot harder this next week. I'm gonna do my best, I know there are people waiting for me for me to open my mouth. Anyways, I love you all. Have a good week and I'll send the pictures of Hugo next week because I can't in this internet place. Read the scriptures and pray always! Love.

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