Monday, October 25, 2010

The Baptism of Susana Estigarribia!!


Another week goes by here in Constitución. This week we had the
baptism of Susana Estigarribia, it went really well. Included are the
picture from her baptism and also from the wedding and baptism of Hugo
and Miriam Robledo with their 3 children and Elder Fernandez with
Nahuel. This Saturday we are having a special baptismal service where
all of the people who have been baptized into the church this year (23
ish) are going to come and also President Gulbrandsen. The ward is
super excited because last year they had 5 baptisms and the year
before that they had 5 as well. The ward goal for baptisms this year
was 10 so we've already doubled it and we are going for the triple.
It's awesome. . . Oh my goodness I was so thankful this past week
because Milagros Povea finally recognized the answer that she has
always had that the Book of Mormon is true. She will be baptized this
week along with Hugo's dad, José. Hugo will perform the ordinance
(Que Capo). Also this week we entered into another large "hotel" (if
you don't remember they are just the large buildings with tons of
rooms and a couple shared bathrooms and a shared kitchen) and we
received all the names of everyone (almost) that lives there.
Hopefully this week we will be able to teach a lot of them and get
them to come to church. We've set up appointments with most of them
and one family has actually heard the missionaries before so I'm
praying that we will have success. The investigators that we gain
this week can be baptized at the end of this transfer so it is
important that we have a good finding week. Unfortunately, Wednesday
is the census here so we can't leave our house until we are counted
and we can't knock any door whatsoever unless we have an appointment.
Go figure. So Wednesday looks to be less productive. Oh well. Haha.

Anyways, sounds like you're all well. Or at least those that wrote
me. Haha. Also I received mail this week cuz pres. came to do
interviews and I received only one letter and it was from the ward
back home. Hahaha. Oh well. Love you all. It's probably cuz I
don't have very much time at all to write like anyone. Lame. So Josh
tell the ward thanks again. Saved me from the embarrassment of not
receiving any letters. Haha. Anyways, I don't have much else to
say... Enjoy the pictures and let me know if you have any questions or
anything. ¡¡Les amo!! ¡¡¡Lea El Libro de Mormon!!!

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