Monday, November 1, 2010

The Baptism of José Robledo!!

Hola todos.

Another good week in ConstituZion. Haha. This week we had the
baptism of Hugo Robledo's father- José. It was crazy. We told them
we were going to do the interview Friday at 6 UNLESS we called. Then
on Friday we called Hugo and he said he told his dad that we must not
be having the interview because we hadn't called. Anyways, we
couldn't ever find him and then Saturday he (José) was upset about
what happened and he didn't even want to leave his house (he is really
old and has a lot of pains and he has epilepsy...). We had to talk to
him for a bit (keep in mind this is at 4 30 when the baptism was
scheduled at 6 with our mission President, President Gulbrandsen
coming at 5....) about all the blessings and everything and what had
happened the day before and so in the end he agreed to come. He then
had his interview with President but President wasn't too impressed
with José even though he passed and he said we have to take good care
of him and stuff. That was kind of lame. But José wanted to be
baptized and in the end he was baptized by Hugo. Unfortunately
because of us being super stressed, I forgot to take my camera to the
baptism. However, the bishop´s wife says she should be able to get
them to me sometime.... I hope soon... Then on Sunday he came nice
and early to church and was confirmed. Unfortunately we had only 1
investigator in church. It was bad. However, this investigator is
named Kim (technically that is his last name.... his real name is
Taehoon...) and we met him the week before at church because he is a
friend of a family here in the ward (Flia. Chavez). He is an amazing
kid. He is from Korea and he is 18. He has a date to be baptized
next week and he is progressing really fast and he loves the church.
Unfortunately he basically lives alone because his parents are in
Korea and he lives here with his uncle and aunt. I love teaching
people that are smart and understand!!! Haha. It's true though. I
very much prefer (excluding families) to teach young people around 18.
They just get it. Haha. Anyways, studly. As I said, it was very
unfortunate that we only had one in the church because we had a lady
that was going to be baptized this week but she didn't come so she'll
have to wait another week. Anyways, we found another couple families
this week and ended up with 10 new investigators (which still isn't
very many... but at least they are good ones). Anyways, our goal now
is to get 8 more baptisms before the end of the year because we have
22 in the year so far and the ward goal was 10. So we are aiming to
triple the goal (The 2 past years they had 5 baptisms each). So the
ward is really excited and everything is changing around here.

Anyways, hearing about snowfall and skiing made me pretty sad this
week. Haha. And a lot of other noticias malas (bad news). But it
sounds like at least all of you are living. Yesterday in church we
were all combined for preisthood with the relief society and we talked
about service and forgetting ourselves. I loved it. I especially
loved what the Bishop's wife wrote on the board towards the end. It
said, "A boy sat in his house and cried because he didn't have shoes,
he went out to the street and saw a man without feet." My spiritual
upliftment this week is to encourage all of you to really look at what
you have. Sometimes I wish everyone could come to Argentina or some
other part of the world and see how it is and they would realize that
we almost never have reason to complain. The Lord blesses us so much
and yet we look for what we lack. Anyways, I wish I could look up
Pres. Monson's talk, but I can't. But I would recommend reviewing
Pres. Monson's conference address. Being here in Argentina, and more
specifically, here in Constitución has really made me so much more
grateful for what I have. Here we have lots of hotels where 6 or more
people live in one tiny room and they are often too embarrassed to let
us as missionaries enter. They also share a bathroom which is just a
room with a toilet and a water spout from the wall with a drain in the
floor. They also share one kitchen for around 40 inhabitants for each
kitchen. We might cry that we don't have a new TV or a car. Those
things are dreams for most people here. As well, we have the villa or
the ghetto. People construct their own houses and their is always
violence. A lot of people live in fear. Anyways, just some things
that have really made me think here and maybe will help you all to
take a look around at what you have. I love you all so very much. I
hope you are all happy and safe. I hope you are living the gospel of
Jesus Christ, because it really is the only path of happiness and the
only way to live with God again one day. I love you all. Keep safe.

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