Monday, November 22, 2010


Sup ya'll,

Another week went by rapidly here in ConstiCity. This week Kim and
Carla were confirmed, but other than that we weren't too terribly
successful. Pretty much all of our baptism dates had to be changed
because they didn't come to church so this week we really need to find
a lot of new good investigators and to get everyone else to come.
Yup. I don't really have much to say today... This past week was
kind of rough because I found out another one of my friends is back
home from the mish and also I've just been feeling really pressured
with our goal and just with everything here, but I'll be fine. :) I
hear Bingham won state. Que capos (what studs). I also hear the Jazz
are doing well? Nice. And a BYU come back season?? Who knows.
Sounds pretty crazy. Anyways, for the family members that weren't
able to write me- I still love you all and I look forward to hearing
from you guys next week. Anddddd.... yup. Nothing else to really
tell you guys. Love! Read the Book of Mormon (Did anyone take my
challenge???)!! Thank you all for the difference that each one of you
has made in my life. Eat double turkey to count for me! Hasta luego.

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