Monday, November 8, 2010

A week of preparation

Hello everyone!

This week went well. We found a lot of people who have been prepared
by the Lord. After the Church meeting we spoke with 2 people, Kim and
also Carla. Kim is from Korea and moved here about 5 years ago and is
going to head back in January. We talked to him after Sacrament
meeting and he wants to be baptized! Then we talked to Carla (a
peruvian lady that lives above us in our building) and she also said
she wants to be baptized this week. It was awesome and they both
stayed to watch a baptism of the son of a member family and Carla
loved it. After watching the ordinance I asked her her feelings and
she basically said, it's amazing. It's just something you just feel
here (with her hand over her heart). It was a special moment.
Unfortunately her husband works a 24 hour shift on Saturday night
until Sunday night so he can't be baptized because he can't come to
church, but he is also reading the Book of Mormon. They also have 3
children and 2 from their marriage but they are like 7 and 2. They
are an awesome family and we are really excited for her baptism on
Saturday and also for Kim. Anyways, this week is the last week of the
transfer so if I don't write Monday it is because I got transferred,
but I think I'll stay here. We'll see.

Anyways, Dad asked me to try and describe my area a little better so
I'll just copy what I said to him...

Uh... more about my area??? I don't know what else to say about it.
We live in front of one of the biggest train stations in Argentina???
And it is also a main bus stop as well as
subway. It's how everyone travels to the south of Buenos Aires. In
my area there really are 4 different areas really.

We have Constitucion, which is the station and the surrounding
area.... It is really old and supposedly somewhat dangerous, but it is
mostly just really.... dirty. Haha. We are going to move soon to
improve the surrounding area of our apartment and because someone (the
bishop's son) is going to move in where we are living. There are a
lot of "Hotels" like I've described before as well. Recently they
took out half the area of Constitucion and gave it to another ward.
Luckily it was probably the dirtiest area. Haha.

Then there is Barracas, on the main street it is pretty nice with a
lot of shops and tall buildings. Then in other parts it is smaller
and kind of suburby for Buenos Aires. LIke 3 story buildings all the
way down the street full of apartments.... ish. Haha. But there are
a lot less people in the streets and there are a lot of factories and

Then there is the other part of Barracas which is the Villa or the
ghetto. Villa 21(24) is what it is called according to those that
live there. Supposedly we can't (literally wouldn't be able) enter
according to our recent convert over there, but it isn't too
dangerous, but we only go during the day mostly. They are just houses
that the people build themselves with orange blocks and concrete.
Most don't have floors or anything. Yeah, I'll try to get a picture
of the areas one day or something....

Then the last one is a smaller area where there isn't much work called
San Telmo. It is the most peaceful area in our area. There are a few
hotels but it is mostly a nicer place and it is somewhat historic and
there is a little bit of tourism. Yup.

Well that descibes decently well the different areas... you'd have to
ask me more specific questions to get a more specific answer haha. I
guess I'll throw out what I make for breakfast or dinner/snack.... In
the morning I usually eat cereal (super expensive but oh well) or they
sell dough to make basically simple scone type things and so I eat
those a lot too with Dulce de leche. And sometimes if I have a lot
of time I'll make ham and cheese empanadas. Also, I have lately been
a fan of making a smoothie deal of 2 bananas, ice, milk, and a bunch
of dulce de leche. Then at night... I eat some cookies or oreos....
or one of those things I eat for breakfast. Haha. With Elder
Fernandez we ordered empanadas a lot more often but lately the price
went up and Elder Ramey doesn't like to order things.

Welp. It's been super hot here lately. Luckily it has been raining
today. Haha. What else.... I saw a sign today saying harry potter
is coming out... Lammmmme..... Haha. Oh well. Let me know how it
is. Anyways.... I don't know what else to say. Let me know if you
have and questions for me. I love you all! Keep safe!

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