Monday, October 11, 2010

The Marriage and Baptism of Hugo and Miriam Robledo

Hello everyone!!

Sorry for the lack of length last week. It was crazy. We had the wedding of Hugo and Miriam Robledo. We arrived too late for the wedding, which was pretty lame, but here it's like just signing some papers and kissing so whatever. We arrived just as the were walking out and so we took some pictures, but I forgot to bring my camera with me today so I'll have to remember next week. Then that night we made it for the last 10 minutes of the farewell thing for missionaries that were leaving and so Elder Fernandez was the last one to bear his testimony before Pres. Gulbrandsen spoke. It was pretty cool. Then I was all chillin there in the gym behind the chapel and I met an Elder and then I realized that I had met him before at BYU. Haha. He was in my Book of Mormon class and I approached him after class one day because he announced his call to BA North. Legit. Then my new comp. arrived and found me. His name is Elder Ramey. He is from Eagle, Idaho and he is legit. Haha. He has only been in the south his whole mission until he came here. He has a little bit less that one year in the mission. It is a nice to change to have a new comp. Elder Fernandez was a little.... I dunno. Buggy. We didn´t get along very well. But it looks like Elder Ramey and I and going to get along great. He is a good guy and a good Elder. We will have success together. Right now we are hoping to have at least one baptism this Saturday, but preferably two. We have Jorge Alberto Rodriguez and Susana Estigarribia. Here is the story of Jorge. He was going to be baptized about 2 years ago in some city in the north of Argentina and had his interview and everything, but the day before his baptism his mother died and he never went to church again. Until a few months ago he moved here and he went to another chapel in our zone and so we received his info and went the next day to where he lives. He told us his story and how he remembered everything and that he was reading the BoM. Unfortunately we lost contact with him for about a month because he never came to church. But we went anew with Elder Ramey and we found him and he came to church yesterday and with a friend!! We put a date with the friend and told Jorge he could be baptized this week if we can teach/review everything with him before the weekend. He agreed and we put a date for his friend for the end of the month. Bonus. Then Susana, Elder Fernandez found her when he was in Congreso on exchanges. She was in the place that the church has where you look for jobs (I forget the name...) and Elder F. went there and they offered the people our message and she gave her address and everything and she has been coming for about the past month already and so she has always had a date for this weekend, but for some reason (that we don't know and we can't find her...) she didn't come yesterday. So if we can find her and finish teaching her, she should be baptized as well.

Anyways, this paragraph is a flashback seeing as I didn't say much last week. The baptism of Maria and her son Jose Perez as well as Sandy Lopez was incredible. Because Maria has diabetes and can't see very well and also has one prosthetic leg, we knew it was going to be an interesting task to baptize her. Anyways, here is the story. She came out of the bathroom (which is right next to the font) and we told her to be careful because she was like hopping on her one leg (and she is kind of a bigger lady) and she ended up falling onto the floor. It was the saddest thing ever. But she was a champ and she laughed it off! She ended up getting up and into the water. It was so inspiring. Then to baptize her, she ended up kneeling and being baptized forwards. When she came up it was so amazing. She just started crying and so Elder Fernandez and I were crying with her.... The Spirit was so strong. It was truly amazing. In that baptism I baptized Sandy and Elder Fernandez Maria and Jose. Then on Tuesday I baptized Miriam and Elder Fernandez baptized Hugo. Then we had 5 confirmations yesterday... Haha. I ended up confirming Maria and Miriam. It went well and my Spanish was better that it has been before. Amazing. As well as having those 5 in the church we had 8 investigators and so there were a lot of people in church and the members all were really happy and many bore testimony of the changes that are going on in the ward. With the baptism of Hugo and Miriam we have doubled the yearly goal for the ward. We have 21 right now and our goal is to triple the goal by the end of the year. It is awesome to be a part of this great change. Constitucion was known as the worst ward in the stake before and usually averages 5 or less baptisms a year, but we are working hard and the Bishop is happy and proud of his ward now. Love it.

Anyways, I've been writing forever so I should probably roll out soon. But Conference was awesome. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I liked the doctrine. Basics and giving thanks. I think sometimes it is as simple as that. For this I want to thank you all. Whoever reads this. First family. You guys are amazing. It is such a blessing to be a part of this family. Two older brothers that have been almost perfect examples... 2 sisters that have always supported me and have always shown me love. And best of all- my mom and dad. Dad, you've been such a great example for me. Just so you know, you still owe me that pizza party from when our basketball team went undefeated. Haha. You're the man. And mom. I don't know where I would be without you. You're a great friend and I've always been able to talk to you. Not to mention all the treats and the help you've given me to develope my talents. Thanks for always pushing me. Thanks family, I love you all. Secondly, any friends that read this. I am very grateful for my friends. Friends are very interesting. I found out who my real friends were with time. For those of you who read this who were a true friend to me, thanks. You changed my life. I was lucky enough to have the best of buddies in high school and then I went to BYU and made all new friends and you all changed my life and you all are my real friends. Love. Anyways, I gotta roll out now. Love you guys! Until next week!

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