Monday, March 21, 2011

Another transfer gone by...

Well another transfer just went by. I don't know how it went by so fast. So crazy. It was pretty hard, but I feel like I'm learning and it has been great being with Elder Hunt. He is definitely a good friend of mine and an excellent missionary. Unfortunately our companionship couldn't last forever and he boarded an airplane for Buenos Aires this morning! He is going back to the area next to his last area... and I am going to train!!! Hahaha. Crazy right? Didn't even expect that. Yup. My companion arrives here on Wednesday morning. His name is Elder Mateu (Mah teh oo). I don't know if he is latino or american, but I guess I'll find out soon enough! Haha. It's gonna be great and I'm sure I'm going to learn a lot. I've always liked the idea of training. Anyways, I'll try and share a couple quick stories from this past week and update a couple things. 1. Roman Roman should be getting baptized this week, but it has been almost impossible to meet with him, but he is definitely getting baptized in the next couple weeks. 2. Nancy Nancy is our new best investigator. She was a reference from a less active (pretty much inactive) brother that we are trying to help to come back. Anyways we went and setup an appointment for another day when her husband would be home and then we went and it turned out the her husband didn't really have much interest, but her younger sister was there so those 2 wanted to listen to us and the 2 husbands were kind of in and out of the lesson. Anyways, they had a lot of interest and a lot of questions and we had all the answers and they kept asking questions about the plan of salvation and we had to promise it for next time because we didn't have time to do it then. Anyways, they accepted all of the invitations (read, pray, be baptized) and then we invited them to church, but they didn't want to go. I told them if they didn't go that they would never know if we represented the only true church like we know we are, they realized it was true and commited. Anyways, it ended up that only Nancy went on Sunday and only for a bit, but she liked it even though she was confused about some of the doctrine of one of the speakers, but we assured her it was his doctrine and not ours. Haha.... Good ole branches.... Anyways, we met with the sister and her in the afternoon yesterday and the sister was pretty upset she couldn't go and even made us a cake for our birthdays (E. Hunt's was yesterday) and Nancy and her husband gave us small gifts (a pen and a keychain of leather). Epic. The husband is starting to open up to us and everything and both Nancy and her sister have offered awesome prayers from their knees at the end of lessons. Awesome. They're for sure baptisms this transfer. 3. Finding out E. Hunt was leaving with Flia. Alvarez So last night we were at a less active family's house that we are working hard with and they gave us dinner and a cake (we ate a total of 5 I think... ridiculous) and afterwards we were sharing with them and the spirit was really strong and I really felt for them as a family and I bore my testimony of how my eternal family is the greatest hope I have in my life and it is what gives me purpose and meaning to my life and I got all emotional and ended up crying telling them how I wanted them to be an eternal family and prepare to enter into the temple for the 2nd time on the mish (the other time I was testifying of the same thing to Flia. Robledo). I really felt the truth of what I was saying and l know they felt it really strongly and Elder Hunt ended up emotional and it was all kinds of ridiculous and then our member starting testifying (kind of....) and my phone started ringing, so I looked at it and it said Asistente (assistant to president)!!! I had totally forgotten about transfers and I was like... what...??? So I stepped into the hallway and answered it and it was Elder Jones again and he asked me if I was obedient and then said that the Lord must trust in me a lot and that he had called me as a trainer!! Crazy. All I thought is... crappp.... Elder Hunt is leaving... and I said sweet or whatever and I went back in and everyone just kind of stared at me and then I said I had something to say and said that Elder Hunt was going to be leaving. So he said his final words and we were all looking a mess (except the dad, he held through) and it was just a great lesson with them. They better return to church and make it to the temple. Anyways, hope you are all doing well. I'm gonna miss Elder Hunt, but I am sure going to learn a lot training... Crazy. I love you all a lot. This transfer will be an excellent transfer and Austral will grow! It has to becauset his past week we only had 40 people in the church. Ridiculous, but the Lord will help our righteous desire. I love you guys! Thanks for supporting me!

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