Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Greetings everyone, This week was a decent week. At first it looked like it was going to be horrible, but we hung in and ended up finding some really good investigators. The weather also decided to take a downward turn and now it is pretty cold, but at least the wind is supposed to let up a little as the temperature goes down. Anyways, there are transfers next week, but I really doubt anything happens with us here. We're still trying to get the area going, but looks like we'll have to keep going step by step. Anyways, I am writing today because on Monday the offices made me go to el centro (downtown) to look for an apartment with the zone leader here for a senior couple of missionaries that is going to be living here. They come on Thursday, but supposedly they don't speak spanish... haha. Should be interesting. But we ended up finding 2 good apartments. Also, we had two really good experiences, but I'll put them in the following answers to the questions Josh asked me. What miracle happened in your area this week? This past week we were finally able to meet with a 17 year old named Roman who has been going to church every week for the past 6 months and is more active than his member girlfriend. Haha. We had already taught him a couple times, but it is difficult to find time to teach him because he works and studies and his family doesn't really support him because they go to another church. Anyways, Sunday after church we pulled him aside and had a lesson. In the lesson we talked about recognizing an answer from God through the Spirit and it was a really good lesson, at the end we talked a little about baptism and challenged him to be baptized and he accepted. Then I said that we were preparing a baptismal service for the 26th of March and he said he didn't think he'd be prepared, but we reassured him and bore testimony and also our member that was there bore his testimony and then Roman accepted. He has never accepted a baptismal invitation before So we should have a baptism next week. The first one in a long time here. The other epicness happened on Sunday night when we found a former investigator who is 18 and his whole family. The kid told us how he was going to get baptized and how he had read and prayed about the book of mormon and everything, but then his friend got baptized and the missionaries got transferred and then they said the missionaries had never passed by again! Anyways, the dad then told us how he is looking at all the churches, trying to find the true one! And the wife said she was in some new catholic church??? but that she was willing to follow her husband in his persuit for the true church. Then at the end of the lesson another former investigator that has gone to church many times showed up and we talked with him a bit and he gave the last prayer. Epic! It was really good. Tell us more about your trip to the lake last week Uhhh... it was a really big lake. The members drove us and made us chorizos (sausages) which we made into delicious sandwiches and then we walked around for a while, made that sign, and then went to a little touristy town to catch a ride back to Rio Grande. We didn't really do anything, but it was sweet looking (as you can tell from the pictures). Lake Fagnano. What is the climate like? It has gotten a lot colder lately. I asked what type of climate it is and they told me it is a tundra here. Haha. It is really windy all the time (memories of Aruba...) but the wind is cold. Haha. Supposedly as it gets colder the wind gets weaker. Tell us about a spiritual experience you had either teaching someone or during your personal/companionship study Yesterday we were teaching new investigators and I felt the spirit testify really strongly as I testified about how the gospel has blessed my family and also they didn't want to go to church but I felt I had to say that our message was really important, about how God really has called a prophet like he has always done before and that they would never know without going to the church and they said, I guess you're right, yeah I'll go if my sister goes and Fede (and then they all agreed to go). So we made plans to go on Sunday and everything and setup a follow up appt on Friday. That was really good. Anyways, keep hitting me up with questions if you want me to write long like this. Haha. I love you guys! I know the gospel has been restored in these days and that we have a living prophet and that the authority and power of God is on the earth! I am so grateful for knowing these things and for knowing that God loves us enough now to have called a prophet and to continually give us guidance through him. I really have received so much happiness and hope from the Gospel and I know it really is the only way to find the true happiness. I know the real happiness is in the Gospel and that it can't be found in the world. Thank you for all helping me to get here (the mission). You all have really made a huge difference in my life. I should probably write a few people that made a big difference in helping me get here. If someone at home sees Cody Haycock tell him thanks and that even though he doesn't know it, he is a big reason I am here and as well for Brother Mayfield. Tell Bishop Nelson thanks too and I'll have to write my seminary teachers. Mom and Dad- you guys are the best! Thanks for sticking with me through everything and teaching me what is right! You guys are the best! Thanks Nate and Josh for being great examples and setting the standard and thanks Rach and Nicole for raising me to be who I am. You all are the best. Anyways, this letter is way too long and I am super hungry. Love you all! Keep safe! Mom, do you forward these emails to my friends every week? Just wondering because I've never known... Haha. Let me know.

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