Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 2

Another great week this week, I can't really write because my companions are already done... :/  Sorry, but I love you all a lot and I'll actually be seeing mom and dad tomorrow at ZLC, so that should be good fun haha.  My companions are great and I'm learning lots from them.  The Almeida family came to church on Saturday for conference and they are still progressing well towards their baptismal date, but the mom (Carmen) has a few obstacles, but we're working on them with her so that she can be baptized along with her 3 kids.  We bought a tie bale, but we haven't been able to look through it, it weighs a little over 100 lbs... like 114 or something.  haha- should be fun, I have lots of ties now, but feel free to send me some more :)  haha I love you all and I miss all my McAllen friends a lot!  (And don't worry SoJo friends- I miss you too, it's just that I haven't seen you in 2 years haha)  Love for everyone!  Reread the conference messages and share the Gospel with someone this week!  I love you!  Until next week!

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