Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 3

To whom it may concern,
Another great week has gone by!  We are teaching a few more people now and a few more went to church.  Unfortunately the Almeida family didn't go to church and didn't answer our calls and weren't home all day :/  But the kids are still progressing really well towards their baptismal date and are consistently reading.
I don't really have too much to say again this week.  I still am getting used to the work here- I think by the time I do and get it figured out I'll be back in Argentina getting used to what I already was accustomed to.  Haha.  Oh well, but it is good and being here has been really good for my spanish and getting back in the groove.
As most of you know I will be heading to Provo this week to meet with the Argentine consulate as I apparently have to do that in order to get my visa.  So Tuesday night Mom and Dad will pick me up and then Wednesday I'll leave for Utah and get back Friday from what I understand.  Not really sure how everything will work out, but it will.  haha- I'm kind of nervous about it, it will be really weird going to Utah for me haha, but it will be awesome to see Josh and Brit and their family.
Anyways, I bought an argentine soccer jersey today :)  haha, should be good to play in in 15 minutes.  I love all of you and miss you!  I shall see a lot of you soon this week!  Make sure you are holding fast to the iron rod and doing the simple things, because those are the things that will keep you grounded and protected.  Love!

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