Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Transfer

Yellow all, This week marks a new transfer in Hidalgo! I'll still be with Elder Fullmer, but some changes will be happening in the District, so I am pretty excited for the new blood. This past few weeks have been pretty tough, as I feel like I'm having to face a lot of trials, but everything seems to be turning up so it must mean my visa is coming any day now. Haha. Mom sent me a letter with a quote from this talk so I read it all- it is really good if you would like to read it (recommended). Haha. Anywho, we put another baptismal date with Mack Wright, our old buddy for the 29th and we successfully stole all of his coffee this past week, so we're excited for him to progress and make that leap of faith. We also started working with a less active family who are actually distantly (by marriage) related to my converts Martin and Alicia. The whole family went back to church for the first time in 5 years yesterday. They have a 9 year old who hasn't been baptized and he agreed to prepare to be baptized the 5th of August, so we will be working with them so he can do that. The only thing is (Dad I might need some direction with this...) that the kids don't speak spanish so they can't go where most of the family goes and they didn't want to go to the English ward where they belong, so they want to go to the other English ward in the stake because the dad of the family (Eddie Fuentes)'s aunt goes there. So anyways, we'll see if they end up attending there or where, but at least they went to church again since it has been a loooong time. Our good buddy Victor also showed up at church so we'll probably put another date with him, he just needs to stay in town... 0.o Welp, love you all! Thanks for your support! Keep prayin for that visa :) haha Take care and read that talk!

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