Monday, July 30, 2012


Queridos amigos, This week went pretty well. We are preparing our good bud Mack for baptism on Sunday, he had a fight with coffee, but he committed himself and has done really well staying away from it. This week was another week full of food from our members, but luckily we've gotten them to progress a bit in their participation in missionary work! haha, tonight we'll have an fhe with a member family who has invited their friends over. Should be fun. Other than that, not too much going on here... we'll be going bowling today and I suppose my visa will be showing up shortly! Another visa waiter received his this week, so mine shouldn't be far behind. As far as other investigators gooo... Brandon and his family have dropped the ball pretty bad so he won't make it to his date which was for this week and Victor moved to Mississippi and so he obviously won't be getting baptized the 12th either. So there were some pretty rough disappointments this week, but we're excited for Mack and we're excited for the progress the members are making. We're actually planning an activity that we'll do in a few weeks where we'll assign the members to make some typical mexican foods from each mexican state and then we'll kind of rotate around to the different states and have a presentation about the states. Should be exciting. We've already gained a lot of member participation so now we just need to work on them reaching our goal which is for each family to invite 3 people and that at least one comes to the activity. We're excited, but my visa should probably be here before then ;) haha, anyways, love you all! Thanks for your support and letters (emails). Have a good week!

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