Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My general life in the MTC.... :)

Hello friends, family, and acquaintances! Today i am using a ridiculous computer where I cannot use the enter button and when i use the period it always makes 2.. haha.. yup.. anyways.... I am doing well here in the MTC as usual.. This week is pretty crazy with all the mission presidents coming and especially my parents coming.... Things going on this week- 1.. today cleaning the temple for 3..5 hours, should be neat 2.. Going to my parent's setting apart on Saturday 3.. Passing the Sacrament in the special Sacrament for the mission presidents where all the General Authorities except 2 of the 12 will be in attendance.. Should be way awesome.. I am striving to keep working hard here in the MTC and this past week was the 1st week we taught in all Spanish.. It is difficult, but it is possible.... I only have 2 more p days after today til I'll have the next one in Argentina!!!! :))))) Yeah, I'm really excited.. This past week Tyler Coutu came into the MTC! My best bud from school that got called to Provo?? Yeah, he got switched to Provo Spanish speaking just a few days before coming here.. so crazy.. It is good to have another friend here.. I have a few and it is awesome to see them.. For example i see Jared Romney every once in a while.. It's cool.. Oh yeah! This past week me and my companion, Elder Hunt, had a competition with our other 2 roommates (elders smith and allan) to see if my companionship could lose more weight than they could gain.. Yup.. We won.. I lost 3..5ish and my comp lost 2ish.. Haha.. Then one of them gained 3 and the other lost 3 haha.. Oh also.. happy fathers day dad! totally spaced it.. haha time flies.. sorry if i forget to say happy birthday or something in these letters, I don't even know when holidays are.. haha.... Anyways.. I'm learning lots here in the MTC and we've learned all the main concepts of Spanish so now I just have to get them all down pact with a decent vocabulary while we learn the little nuances.. It's fun.. Too bad the gym is closed for the next few days...... pretty sure my ballin skills are improving.. haha.. yup.. well don't know what else to say and the little red timer is blinking like a crazy person.. I love you all! I am so happy I'm out doing exactly what the Lord would have me do! It's been an awesome experience here so far and i know it will only get better as I go out into the field and start help bringing change and peace to people's lives.. This is an amazing work! I'm happy to welcome mom and dad to it.... They already do a great job of living the Gospel and it will be natural for them to be the Mission President.. Awesome.. Love you all.. Love my life.. Life is good.. :)

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