Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time Is Flying By

Hey family! Friends! Acquaintances! (is that right? my english is degrading...) I miss you all dearly. My stay here in the MTC is becoming a blur. Haha. So weird. I've been here 3 weeks now so next week will be pretty much the half way mark.
The Spanish is going well, but I am finally feeling a little bit behind what we are learning. Overall my Spanish is pretty decent though. Yo se que el evangelio es verdadero. Haha. Yup.
Um.... this week.... I really like the devotional last night, it was about trials and prayer from a member of the 2nd quorum of 70. Nothing else really exciting has happened I guess. I think I talked about the Atonement in my last letter a little. I feel like we've been focusing on that a lot lately and I'm learning so much. I've also started reading Jesus the Christ. Everyone should read that book. It is amazing and I love reading it. Maybe it is cuz I am a missionary, but I think everyone should read it. Haha.
My favorite thing about being here is having so much time to read the Book of Mormon. I've never been great at reading it consistently so it is really nice to have time that I can read it for at least 30 minutes every day. So far I've read all of 3rd Nephi and now I started over so I am almost to 2nd Nephi. Love it. I wish I would have focused a lot more on the gospel before my mission, just in general, because it is so good and it makes me so happy. I love being able to go to the temple once a week.
My District is doing pretty decent. We have a couple hooligans, but I think they're slowly getting better. I've learned a lot of patience in dealing with that. Haha. I might get released this week or in a week or two. Depends on if the President thinks we need a total of 3 district leaders or 2. So far I think we're only going to have 2. But I'll have to let you know next week.
Trials do make us stronger. I know they do. I had to go through a lot to get here, but I know it was all to improve my ability as a missionary. It is interesting to look back and see how the Lord has blessed me, so my challenge for myself and for anyone reading this is to recognize how the Lord is blessing us when we receive it, and not wait til later to realize. He really does bless us so much. Also, if you can do one thing for me it would be to read the Book of Mormon. Try to spend 30 minutes a day because it makes so much more sense that way. Do it! Haha. I love it and so will you.
Family, I miss you a lot. Thanks for all you have always done for me. I am sad I don't get to see Owen for 2 years, but it was nice to get that picture of him, and Nate attached pictures in his email so it was nice. I hope you are all doing well, and I want you to know I am doing more than well.
The Gospel is true and my email time is less that one minute!
I love you!!!
Elder Zachary John Trayner

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