Monday, July 26, 2010

Constitución week 2ish

¡Hola todos!

I hope you are all doing well. The work in Constitución moves on. Haha. This week was a lot better than last week. Even though I was in another area for 3ish days because Elder Fernandez had to go to training for leaders (he is district leader) it was good in our area. I really liked going to the other area. I was with an Elder named Elder Witherspoon who is Navojo from Arizona. The area is called Parque Patricios. I think that is how it is spelled. Anyways. I enjoyed going there. They have a villa (sounds like bee zsha) Haha. It basically just means slum. I thought it was awesome. They are sooo much more laid back there. It was so much easier to contact people and the people were so much more open to the gospel. Anyways. The work in that area is going well. It was interesting because Elder Witherspoon only has 3 months in the mission and I had one week. Haha. But we got by. He can understand 99% and me 25% haha. Yup. Anyways. Then I took the Subway back to Const. and got back to work with Elder Fernandez. The week before this Sunday we had 0.5 investigators in the Capilla (cah pee shj uh) Haha. Yeah, it was pretty frustrating. Anyways. This week it didn´t rain and we had 8 investigators. I am most excited for familia Cordoba. They´re so awesome. Here is their story.

So. Before I got here I guess they just started taking the lessons. I guess the mom and one son were baptized a long time ago, but were never really members... Anyways. Then I got here and when we went the father was never home so we could never go in, but then one day we went in with a member and the mother told us that the father went to peru for work for a while. Turns out a few visits later that she found out he was going out with other women and things and so now they are separated and he left and isn´t coming back. It is a really sad story, but it is amazing to see how she has moved on. At the home we teach 6 people. Her and her 4 daughters and 1 son that has 5 or so years. The other son never comes because he has a girlfriend, he is about 21. It is rather unfortunate that he never comes because our dream is to have all of them baptized and have him serve a mission. So far we´ve taught him once or twice. Lame. Anyways they´re so prepared for the gospel and are progressing really fast. Their baptism is scheduled for the 12 or 14th of August. I can´t remember. It is because one child is turning 8 the 10th or so. This way they can all be baptized together. It is going to be awesome. Most of our other investigators just have to get married, but it is hard to get them to act. Haha. We´re doing our best though. At least they went to church. :) Yup Yup. Well. Rach asked for pictures so hopefully I can attach some in this cafe.

Other random tid bits. Uh... The food is good. Tons of noodles and pasta, not really meat. However, we´re going to a parilla (par ee shj uhh) or something like Rodizio today. Should be most excellent. The people are cool, but hard to understand because their are tons of different immigrant nations here. However, the biggest problem is how they are so lazy and don´t really open their mouth to talk. Hahaha. It´s all good. I´m starting to get used to it. Elder Fernandez says I´m actually doing pretty well with Castillano (spanish... haha). Hopefully he starts thinking I´m doing other things well... It is hard with him... Oh and one last tid bit. I actually played the cello last week. Haha. Their is a family here that does Suzuki!! Haha. They´re all really good, but I couldn´t even remember a song because I hardly practiced the past year. I played half or so of my concerto and then I couldn´t remember any more. Haha. But it was fun. Pretty crazy eh? Anyways. I love you all! The Gospel is true and I´m so grateful I have it. It changes lives and brings happiness! I´m starting to see this in my investigators. It is awesome. I hope you are all doing well! If you have any questions you´ll have to wait until next week! I love you all!

Oh the photos are of me and elder fernandez and my old mtc comp elder hunt and his new comp and the train station right outside our apartment. :) And some others for kicks and giggles from the mtc.

Elder Zachary Trayner

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