Monday, July 19, 2010

Elder Trayner, in the field. Week 2... kinda. Haha.

I am doing well! I hope you all are well. So first off so I don´t forget. We only get mail and letters 7 times my whole mission so.... Make sure anyone that wants to keep in contact with me keeps in contact with you?? I dunno. I was super bumbed when my comp told me that. We only get our mail at Zone Conference which is once every 3 months. So I hope these letters are getting posted?? I dunno. Haha. If not that is ok. My poor friends... I hope Pres. Gulbrandsen changes it so we can email friends.... I had like 5 friends writing me in the MTC.. Haha. Oh well...
Anways... My first week was pretty rough. We had a really hard time meeting our goals and it ended up that we had one investigator come to church that we basically dragged there 20 minutes late and then we left the room for like 5 minutes to call a family that didn´t make it and he left!!!! It was horrible. He was the one I challenged to be baptized my first day. So I guess he isn´t progressing anymore. We were hoping to baptize him this week or next because he had attended church a few times before in another area. Oh well. His name is Hector.... Anyways. We have a family that is quite sure. It is an interesting situation. I guess one of the sons is a member?? He is 22 and has a girlfriend... So our hope is that we can baptize the rest of the family and get him ready to serve a mission. Although the father was planning on being baptized earlier (before I was here) he left for work in Bolivia..... We actually found out yesterday that he had cheated on his wife and so now they are separated, which is probably for the best. They are an awesome family. They are the Cordobas. We are waiting for a few weeks for their baptism because one of the children turns 8 in a couple weeks. Awesome.
Ummm.... My comp. Elder Fernandez. He is the man. He is a really good teacher and has tons of experience. He has served in every leadership capacity there is in the mission. I found out that he only has one more transfer here in the mission so I am likely his last companion. Sweet. This week was trying with him though. It gets hard sometimes because we can´t communicate precisely with each other. He also thinks differently and so I told him that is totally fine with me and I think it is cool, but he thinks it isn´t good enough. He thinks we have to have the same opinions in everything?? I dunno. It is weird and sometimes I feel excluded and unimportant, but we talked this morning and so I hope this week is going to be better. We´ll see. Haha. He is the man though.
Um.... other random experiences this week. We had to "cast out a demon" out of a little boy... Haha. Elder Fernandez was mad after because the Catholic uncle insisted that we bless the child because "he had a demon." E. F. was mad because he thought the man was the one with the bad spirit, not the child. Which was actually quite true. Haha. But it was good. We gave the blessing and after the child wasn´t crying or wiggin out anymore. It was good in a way I guess. I thought the child had Pneumonia at the beggining though cuz the word is demonio and that sounds like Pn. when said really fast in a latino accent. Haha. Yeah. Anyways. Interesting. Oh and then there was our solo investigator who left after the first meeting.... Umm.... We unknowingly drank tea with milk at a less active members house and found out after. Haha. It was weird. The food here is of course really good. The serve us spaghetti a lot. I am always really grateful for the food they give us because they don´t have much, but they are really willing to give it to us. Americans are so stingy with their things and money. I like that a lot about here. I guess that is probably all the exciting experiences this week. Other than the annoying rain yesterday and today that magically makes everyone too sick to go to church. Dumb. Haha. Oh well.
How are all of you doing? It sounds like you are doing well. I am doing just fine here. My spanish is coming along. I feel like I´m understanding a lot more and getting worse at speaking. Haha. It´s because my brain is meddled with all this Spanish I´m hearing. It´s good though. Well. I look forward to your emails next week. I love you all ahhh the stupid exclamation point isn´t working. Weird keyboard. OH well. Love you allª Let my friends know that I love them even if I don´t write themªª Haha.... Hasta luego

Elder Zachary Trayner

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