Wednesday, July 7, 2010

General update... Leaving the country!!!

Hey everybody!

I leave for Argentina on Monday! Huzzah!! Yup. We leave the MTC around 8 AM and don't get to Buenos Aires until 8ish the next day. Haha. Lots of flying. We're going through ATL.

I can't even think what has happened this past week. Everything goes by so fast. Haha. Basically I've just been really working hard on my Spanish and teaching a lot, it is going well. My teacher (who served in McAllen) complimented my Spanish and said even though it isn't perfect the investigator will have no question of what I am trying to explain so that was nice. Lots of work still left to do, and I'm sure i'm not going to understand them for the first at least month. We just learned Vos (the tu form they most commonly use in Argentina) and it was super easy, but it's going to be really hard to understand for a while because that is how mostly everyone is going to address us and we're supposed to address children in vos. Crazy.

What am I most excited for???? Real food! Haha. Argentine food too. Yum. I'm way excited. Uh... a lot of missionaries have been delayed with visa problems going to Argentina, but for some reason us heading to BA North don't need them? I dunno. But I really hope our new president and his wife (Pres. Gulbrandsen) received theirs so that they will be there to greet us. They are amazing people. If not, it will be ok. haha.

Oh yeah. I've lost 10 pounds here so far. Yup. I dunno what else to say. The stupid timer is flashing 1 minute 10 seconds. Um.... I dunno. Oh. Mom and Dad. Your mission sounds a lot like what my teacher described when he was there. He said a lot of people in Corpus Christi would just slack off on their spanish, but I'm sure you will get them excited.

Well i love you all. No time left!

Next week from Arg!-

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