Monday, January 10, 2011

The Baptism of Herminia Alicia Martinez!!

Dear Everyone,

This week was a most excellent week. This last week we had the
priviledge of baptizing Herminia Martinez, the mother of a less active
who came here from Mendoza to be baptized. It was awesome, and she
was so grateful for us and for the members and her family. It was
awesome to see how the family has become so much more active and
excited in the past 2 weeks. Anyways, this week we got word from the
mission that Yarine Cordova (remember my first converts??) doesn't
have a membership record, so we are likely to have to baptize her this
week because there aren't any witnesses or anything from her baptism
10 years ago in Bolivia. It's gonna be pretty weird, but oh well.
Also, we found a new family who moved here not too long ago that was
going to another chapel and their 9 year old son wants to be baptized
and so the Elders of San Cristobal said they would baptize him... The
Elders over there have made such a fiasco for us. Anyways, they are
excited to start coming to our ward and we are going to talk with
their son on Wednesday, so he should be baptized soon. We are still
working with the flia. Medrano, but they are being really slow and the
women of the family won't accept our commitments other than reading so
it's been kinda tough... Yup. Anyways. I love you all, thank you
for all returning to writing me this past week. Haha. Keep safe and
I'll try to send the photos in a separate email if I can. Love!

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