Monday, January 3, 2011

Is anybody out there?

Greetings all,

This week it seems my words will be limited because I have no emails
to respond to (other than the fabulous pictures that Megan sent...).
Don't worry, I still love you all, but c'mon... haha.

Anyways, this week went really well. We ended up having 7 people in
church and we were able to get two inactive families who have never
come to our ward to come too. The ward was really happy and Elder
Mohulamu is really excited because he sees how much the ward helps us
now. Well last week we were hoping to go and fill out papers so one
of our investigators could get married, but they ended up not having
argentine documents so we have to wait until they have those... so it
is going to be a while and I think it cooled their excitement some
because they didn't come to church... :( But we commited another
couple to do the papers when they receive their argentine documents
next month (so they will get married a month from then) so that was
neat... then we had 5 from flia. Medrano which is the family with the
two twin girls who are really confused about getting baptized because
the other elders told them that they really shouldn't get baptized
here. Anyways, their whole family came for the first time with all of
them (3 kids and both the parents) so that was neat too. They liked
it a lot. Then we also had Hna. (sister) Moron, who is the mother of
an inactive who came to church with her as well. She is getting
baptized on Saturday because she had all the teachings and everything
in Mendoza Argentina. She really is a blessing from the Lord. So
those people are pretty much our main investigators right now. We
were disappointed because we taught 6 family members (cousins and a
brother and his wife) of a sister in our ward and none of them came to
church. That was pretty rough, but we are going to keep trying to
work with them this week and with a lot of praying and insisting they
are sure to show up. Haha.

Yup. Well hope you all had a very happy new year, looks like you all
partied too hard to write me. Haha. We had to be back in our
apartments at 9 on new years eve, but we still heard lots of
fireworks. Uh... Elder Mohulamu and I get along really well and oh!
Haha. We did the Haka at the ward new years party. That was pretty
sweet. I'll try to attach my holiday pics and a video of the haka in
a separate email because I know some of you can't receive attachments.
Well love ya all. Make sure you write me next week or in the next 15
minutes! Happy new year!

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