Monday, January 24, 2011

The Baptism of Yarine Cordova

Hola todos,

Hey so I didn't remember if I ever sent the pictures from the baptism
of Herminia so I sent one of those too. Anyways, everything went well
with the baptism of Yarine (shah ree nay). She ended up asking me to
baptize and confirm her and it was a smaller service, but it was kind
of sad too because it was like the farewell for the bishop's family
who were good friends with all of us. Anyways, we are excited to work
with the new bishopric and they are all really dedicated and willing
to work hard, so we are really excited. They even called a ward
mission leader!!!! Hahaha. Epic. A young man named Gonzalo just
started his mission papers and he was just called on Sunday. We are
excited, especially me because I've never had one. Haha. The stake
is also really excited and just implemented a new plan. If the wards
cooperate and do what they ask, I think there will be a lot more
success this year. It's just kinda tough to get everyone to work
together and to commit. Oh well.

Anyways, this week we have 2 baptisms. Nicole Caimi, an 81 year old
lady who lived in the U.S. and Venezuela and has lots of interesting
stories, and Gaston Miranda, a 9 year old stud that recently moved
into the ward whose dad is pretty inactive (but he came to church
yesterday!!!). Love it.

Did I tell you guys about the girl that walked into the church last
Monday morning? Anyways... On pday last week we went to play bball in
the morning (which we never do) and it just so happened the a 18 year
old girl was just inside the door talking to a member of our ward and
saying how she had a mormon buddy in Mexico and how she was really
interested. Yup. Her name is Rosio and she came to church on
yesterday. We are excited to work with her and it's funny because she
lives right above Carla (who we baptized like 2 ish months ago that
lives in the building where we used to live??). Epic. Well. Until
next week. I love you guys!! Keep safe and sisters- you better catch
me next week! Haha.

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