Monday, February 21, 2011


Hey everyone,

This week Nate asked me a bunch of questions that explain the area
better so I'm gonna put them here with my answers. Enjoy.

it was saying that it has a similar climate to Alaska?
I've never been to Alaska, but I would guess that it is pretty
similar. It hardly snows here in Rio Grande, and it is super windy in
summer... pretty cold... yup.

What in the world?

Do you have a car to get around the island or are you pretty much just
working in Rio Grande and getting around on foot?
We're just in one little part in Rio Grande. I hear you can look up
the street Keninek on Google, it's the street we live on and the
building that the church rents out for the church is also on it. It's
really different here because most of the members have cars, but we
basically just walk around on streets of little rocks all the time and
get blown around by the wind. Haha.

What's the inside of that house you are living in like?
Pretty decent. Unfortunately the plumbing sucks so we have to throw
our used toilet paper in a bag. Laaaame. We have two heaters and it
is hard to balance the temperature. Haha.

Any differences in the food in that area?
No, because hardly anyone was born here. They're all from the north
of Argentina, so they talk a little bit different than the people in
Capital, but that's because they talk different than everyone else,
and I am pretty used to hearing just about every accent.

By the way, how is your Spanish?
Feeling pretty fluent at this point?
Pretty much, at least in normal conversation. You start asking me
about car parts or something weird and I'm still learning those.
Every once in a while I don't have a word, but I can get around it
easily now.... yup.

Anyways, this week was pretty decent. We're still trying to get the
work rolling here. We received over 30 names from members of people
who we could share with, so hopefully this week we can start teaching
all these people. This week President Gulbrandsen came and we had
interviews and a little zone meeting (it's interesting because our
Zone and District are the same thing... 6 Elders. Haha.) It was
really good. Then I guess he went on Saturday and visited some
members and they really appreciated that. Then he came to our
sacrament meeting on Sunday and talked about the Sacrament and how we
need to keep going to church even if another member offends us (seems
to be a pretty big problem here...), it was really good and one of the
less active members that we helped to come was crying and he really
enjoyed it so it was really good. We also had an attendance of 77
which is pretty decent. Our goal is to get over 100 consistently and
then there will be a reason to build a church here, because right now
the church rents an old supermarket... haha. Anyways, President gave
us permission on Friday night to visit our inactive branch president
after 9 and we went and it was a really good talk and everything and
he committed to go on Sunday, but unfortunately he didn't go. In my
interview President first asked me who should be the new president and
then told me to start praying to know who should be the new
president.....!!! I was like... What??? Haha. But yeah, hopefully
everything gets settled soon. Also, we were looking through the
records and discovered there were 3 baptisms here last year. Haha.
So we are looking forward to getting the missionary work rollin here
again. A little over a year ago an Elder had over 20 baptisms and so
we know it is possible. A lot of the members have lost hope, but we
are trying to raise their faith so they can try to share with the
people they know again. Oh crap.... I think I'm gaining weight
here.... Hahaha..... lame. Oh well, what are ya gonna do. At least I
might start fitting in my clothes again. Haha. Anyways, things are
good and we're looking forward to making them better. Thanks for all
your support! I love you guys! Let me know if you have any

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