Monday, February 14, 2011

Tierra del Fuego

Hey everyone,

This week was insane. So I called all my converts and stuff on Monday
and said bye, and then at 1 the office elders called and said I
wouldn't be able to leave til wednesday because they had a problem
with my ticket. Anyways, it was weird still being in my area, but I
was thankful for being able to see and say bye in person to almost all
my converts. Then on Wednesday I had to wake up at 4 20 AM and rolled
out to the airport at 5. Then I flew to the middle of nowhere for 2
hours ish (Trelew in Chubut) and had to sit in an empty tiny airport
for over 9 hours. Then I was feeling sick and super thirsty. It was
horrible. Then I got down here(Ushuaia) in 2 hours and slept with
the Elders there. Then Thursday morning I left in a big beefy van to
Rio Grande (where I am now). It took like 3 hours to drive here.
Anyways, I arrived at the church for a meeting and left my bags just
inside the doors and everyone came out to greet me. It was pretty
crazy. Elder Hunt is a baller. Official. Then we went to our
apartment and saw all the notes the old elders left... Unfortunately
there aren't any maps of our area. A map doesn't exist. Hahahahaha.
Awesome. So anyways, we called a member and he drove us around to
members almost all day (something super weird for me because like 3
members in Buenos Aires had a car). And we went through the days with
members learning the area and we are doing pretty well with it now.
Unfortunately I was moderately sick, but I'm almost all the way back
to full health now. The members here are super helpful and nice.
People build their own makeshift houses, but the insides of the houses
are nice. A lot more technology here. Anyways, this week we are
excited to put the shoulder to the wheel and get the members working
hard so we can have success here in the coming weeks. They left us
with about 2 investigators so we are about starting from scratch, but
there was an Elder here a little over a year ago who had over 20
baptisms, so there is potential, we just have to get everyone working
together. Anyways, I don't have too much time left so I better just
leave it at this point until next week. I'm gonna attach a couple
pictures. The mountains are in Ushaia, Rio Grande is flat and
desertyish. The house is ours. Haha. Well, love all of you! Lend a
hand to someone this week! Haha. :)

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