Monday, February 28, 2011

Austral and a Big River


This week was an interesting week. We had another super decent
attendance in church this week. We had 81 people in Sacrament meeting
and 4 were investigators. Little by little right? Yup. They tell us
it is a lot better attendance than the last 2 months, probably because
vacation time is ending, but I like to think maybe we had a little to
do with it. Haha. This week they reorganized the elders quorum and
so now we have an active elders quorum president and they announed
that our 1st counselor in the branch presidency was now authorized to
do interviews and things and that hopefully we'll have a new president
sometime soon... haha. Interesting. Anyways, still getting used to
the area and we were able to find 10 new investigators last week, but
only 2 of them were really good, but unfortunately they called him
last minute to work sunday morning and so they didn't come, but they
should come next week. We just gotta start the snowball rolling here
and then we'll be rollin with it. Anyways, pretty sure I'm getting
fatter here cuz everyone just eats all the time cuz there isn't
anything else to do so they are constantly giving us food and there is
more money here (even though it doesn't look like it... haha).

OH! Epicness!! I almost forgot to put this!!!! Gosh... Last week
Elder Hunt and I passed by the beach to see it and we found a
penguin!!! Yup! Touched a little penguin!!!! Hahaha! Epic. Best
thing ever. I guess it is really rare to see them over here too.
Gosh. It was so funny. Yup. We had to touch it cuz he was just
snoozin and I think he enjoyed it and he stood up a couple times for
us too. We were so disappointed we didn't bring our cameras.
Anyways, I guess I should throw out that we are helping a lot of
people build their houses here. Funny. Well. Love you all! Keep
safe and read the Book of Mormon! Holler! (more pictures follow in
the forward from Elder Hunt)

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