Monday, February 7, 2011

Transfers... and the pictures from the baptism

Hola todos,

Well. The time has come. Haha. I'm still in Constitución.... Until
Wednesday. Hahaha. I got transferred to the south! Yup. Anyways,
they had problems with my flight so I don't leave til Wednesday. It
is going to be horrible. Wednesday morning I have to be at the
airport at 4 30. Yikes. Then I have like a 2 hour flight and an 8
HOUR LAYOVER. Yup. By myself. Gonna be psycho. Anyways, then I
have another 2 or 3 hour flight. Ave maria o como los mexicanos aye
caramba! Anyways. This is how I found out. So yesterday we went to
the farewell of the missionaries that were leaving in the mission
offices then we left and hopped on the train when we get a call from
the assistants. My comp answers and they ask him to pass the phone to
me. So he passes me the phone and the assistant says, Elder Trayner,
are you 100% obedient to the missionary handbook (this is all
translated)? I said yeah. He said, good, because the Lord has called
you to be senior companion in Austral, in the south. Your companion
will be Elder Hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahhaha!!!!
I couldn't believe it!!! My MTC comp, Elder Hunt, is going to be my
comp down there! So crazy. Love the guy. Anyways, he then explained
the area. He said the whole south of the mission has been dead
lately, especially Austral. So they whitewashed (took out both the
missionaries that were there) and are putting me and Elder Hunt in.
They said a year ago one of the other assistants baptized 10 weeks in
a row and the assistance in sacrament meeting was about 100-110. He
said nothing really happened since then and now they have an
assistance of about 50-60. So President wants us to get it back to
how it used to be. So it could be pretty rough at first, but I'm way
excited to work with Elder Hunt and it should be a good ward. Crazy
right??? Anyways, so I'm still here til Wednesday and tomorrow we'll
be a trio for a day. haha. Funny stuff.

Anyways, I'm really excited to work and to have another area and I'M
GOING TO THE SOUTH! Haha. Pretty crazy. Yup. Well, hopefully I can
get any packages that are here before I go... Haha. Well. Love you
guys! Talk to you next week from the cold and wind! Keep safe! The
gospel is true!

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