Monday, May 21, 2012

Hidalgo and El Bautismo

Friends, family, and... conocidos,
This week was a pretty solid week down here in Texas.  We found a solid new investigator named Mack Wright, who apparently went by Sonny Wright and was the number 1 golfer in mexico for 3 years.  Haha, he was a member referral and he is pretty old, but he is really excited to learn and to be baptized on the 16th of June.  We have to teach him really slow and allow him time to swear at his dog, molly, and as well to allow him to say how "dang ignorant" he is.  Haha, he's been a hoot so far, but we're excited to help him out and get him to church this week.
This Sunday we'll have the baptism of Alicia Teran!  She is super excited and passed her interview on Sunday already.  The interesting part is that we have been waiting for her husband, Martin's, records to come in, but we still have no results so we're going to call in today or tomorrow to find out for sure.  If the church offices can't find anything then it looks like he'll have to be baptized again, because he doesn't have the certificate and he doesn't remember the dates or the names of the people that did the ordinances.  We have an appointment tonight, so we'll see what he says.  We might end up baptizing him Saturday, having him confirmed then or on Sunday, then interviewed and able to receive the priesthood so he can baptize his wife, but we'll see.  Haha- it's always an interesting circumstance.  Anywho, that's pretty much all for me this week.  It was great hearing from all of you and just so you know there is still no word on my visa, we just keep waiting!  Keep praying for it to come if (well those of you who aren't here... haha) you would like to be able to see me again any time soon.  Hahaha.  I love you all!  Thanks for your support!  Don't forget C.P.R!!  Church, prayers, and reading!  haha :)

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