Monday, August 27, 2012

Laredo-Nye City

Hello all, This past week I was transferred to Laredo to a place called (for some reason...) Nye City. I am with Elder Quezada, who is originally from California, then somewhere in UT, then he was studying at UT State. Haha. He's a pretty cool guy. To start off I will be answering questions from Josh. How is the new area? Good! There is a lot of potential, I feel like the people here are really receptive and humble. We have some good things already going, but we'll get more going :) Are you serving in a branch or ward? Spanish or English speaking? 2 Branches- 1 english 1spanish, they are all branches here because it is a District here in Laredo. The whole mission is just "Tex Mex" speaking. What size is the congregation? How many actually attend? Good question, I'm sure dad could tell you. haha, but they are both decently sized with like 6ish missionaries in each branch. What are some interesting stories from this week? I got really sick and my tonsils got all huge. I suppose that's interesting. Oh- I suppose it is interesting that in a large portion of my area you can see Mexico and even the river! haha, pretty cool. Do you eat with the members? My companion said we do, but I don't think we really do. I'll be fixing it shortly and making a schedule with the members so we can work more consistently with them. Are you still engordando? Not this week. I just ate fruit blends that I made (licuados). We'll see what happens in this regard in the following weeks as my throat heals. Why do you always send pictures of you with funny faces eating cereal? lol. That last one is funny. I send them for my nephews and nieces so they don't get too bored and because I know you all love my face. What was the hardest thing about this week? We have been working with a large family whose mother disappeared after bringing them over from mexico, and we had a really good lesson about church, but they failed to attend once again. We'll most likely be dropping them this week. :/ What was the funnest thing you did all week? Funnest thing... We taught a couple good lessons to little kids and we were also asked to help teach primary... haha.... so I suppose you can imagine what kind of fun was to be had there. My comp kinda looks and acts like a darker pee wee herman. hahahahaha. Anyways, those were his questions. Haha, hope you enjoyed them. But the area here is good. The apartment and car were TERRIBLE when I arrived, but today we did a pretty good job cleaning and I'm sure it will be a battle and process to get them to where I want to be especially when my roommates aren't so inclined to cleaning... but yeah, should be fun. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures sent soon, I don't know if we can send them at this library, but this area is pretty humble, poor, and dirty- which is great! Makes me feel right at home, except a little (a lot) hotter. Anyways, I think my visa will come next week. We'll see what happens. Love you all! Here is my new address- 310 e San Pedro #4 Laredo, Tx 78041 Love!

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