Monday, August 13, 2012

Waiting in South Texas

Dear everyone, Another week has gone by of waiting in South Texas! At the end of this week it will make 5 months of waiting as a missionary! This week I have attached a few photos. I did win the game of bowling and that is my score at the top. That is our buddy Mack who was baptized by Bro. Bentley. He described it as one of the best moments of his life and he couldn't stop talking about how he liked it. Elder Fullmer appears at the end modeling a Jorongo or Zarape according to our NorteƱo friends (people from the north of mexico). Anyways, hope you enjoy them. I don't have too much to say this week- Mack was confirmed and we're helping him to continue progressing- hopefully we can get the ward a little more on board. Haha, they're doing alright. Anyways, I'm out of time today! Sorry! I'll try and be more entertaining some letter soon. love!

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