Monday, March 18, 2013

Mision Illapel Chile

Dear all, This week was decent, we only had one investigator at church, who is nataly, but she is progressing really well to be baptized the 30th. Her mom, Kathy, who is getting active again is doing well as well, but it seems like her live in boyfriend has lost interest and they´ve been having some problems. I wish he would just understand and listen for himself the message, but not so for now... we´re gonna keep doing everything we can so he can progress. As far as helping the branch.... we helped them set a goal to travel to the temple in May, as they haven´t done a trip in over a year... and we also have at least 10 people ready to receive their patriarchal blessings, which they will have to travel to receive in April. A less active that I have helped out a lot, John Paul, also received the priesthood after years of inactivity an is really excited to come to church early to help us prepare the sacrament, to pass, and to prepare himself to receive the melchizidek priesthood. It´s always amazing to see the miracles the Lord can do in the lives of the people if they just listen and act. Being a missionary is great! I am doing everything I can to take advantage of what I have left. I´ve always loved the talk where it talks about the furniture store that had a sign up that said, ´finishers wanted´ Love you all! Have a great week. Happy birthday to me maƱana! haha. :)

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